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Daily Devotion on Zechariah 9:9-10

Text: Zechariah 9:9-10

Palm Sunday was a very special day for that little boy growing up in Michigan. Unlike a native Floridian, the only time this little boy ever saw a palm branch was on Palm Sunday, and not only did he get to see a palm branch, he got to have one for himself! Granted, this precious little palm never lasted long, it was usually broken by the middle of the church service because it turns out that palm branches don’t make very sturdy swords, but it was still great while it lasted. I should know, I was that little boy!

Palm Sunday is a fun day. It’s an exciting day. And it should be. We see Jesus being treated as the King he is. We see our gentle Jesus making his red carpet arrival in Jerusalem, a carpet of palms and cloaks with the masses singing his praises.

Even though the glory of that day prophesied by Zechariah was a tainted glory, it was still glorious. The tainted aspect of that day was this: the masses of Jerusalem that praised their King on Sunday stand in stark contrast to the masses calling for this same King’s crucifixion on Friday. That gentle Jesus was riding into Jerusalem knowing that he would have to soon die for your sins and mine.

Tainted it may have been, but glorious none the less. The glory of Palm Sunday does not reside in the reaction of the people; the glory of Palm Sunday comes from Jesus. Jesus fulfilled all of Zechariah’s prophecy, not just the part about riding on a donkey. By his death Jesus proclaims peace to all nations. Jesus entered Jerusalem that day almost 2000 years ago so that he could secure salvation for the whole world… salvation for me, salvation for you. Palm Sunday is a special day, and not just because children get to play with palm branches. Palm Sunday is all about Christ our King, rejoice! See, your king comes to you, righteous and having salvation.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we praise you that Jesus did not value his life as greater than ours, he did not have to gently ride into Jerusalem that day. Help us to always look to Jesus as the king who saves us from death. Let the praise that is due our King be evident in our lives as we strive to live in thankfulness for all Jesus did for us. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

The Expected King Comes

Palm Sunday

The Expected King Comes

1. In unexpected ways
2. With unexpected results

Text:  Zechariah 9:9-1-0


This is not what you would expect.  We know what is usual.  We know what is common.  We know what to expect.  But this, this is not what you would expect.

Imagine if President Obama came to town.  Some of you may hope that never happens.  But set aside your political views and imagine if he came to Palm Coast, FL of all places.  We know what we would expect.  Air Force One would fly into little Daytona International Airport or maybe even into the smaller airfield here in Flagler County.  Security would be at all time highs.  Secret service would be everywhere. Armored SUVs or limos would transport him everywhere he went.  The red carpet would be rolled out.  Maybe one of the high school bands would play Hail to the Chief.  We know what to expect for the way the President would come to town.

We also would expect him to come for certain reasons.  Maybe he would be visiting someone of national notoriety.  Maybe he would be coming to visit a new world-famous landmark.  Maybe he would be coming to gain important votes in a Republican state.  We know what reasons to expect if the President would come to town.  Read the rest of this entry