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God’s Stupendous Sign

Christmas Message from the 4th Sunday of Advent, the Service of Lessons and Carols

God’s Stupendous Sign

“No trespassing!”  “Beware of the dog!”  “You’re in good hands with All State.”  “Garage sale.  Turn left.”  “Children crossing.”  “Stop.”  Have you ever realized how much we rely on signs in our world?  Signs direct traffic.  Signs tell us where we live and how to find others’ homes.  Signs tell us the best deals on pizza, which exit to take for gas, and how far it is to Miami.

There are other kinds of signs, signs that have nothing to do with traffic, locations, or billboards.  We can read signs of communication in each other’s body language.  When our kids wake up we know those signs that tell us, “Uh oh.  This is going to be a bad day.”  Some people try to use stars or their birthdays as signs (though they shouldn’t).  Some see events in their lives as signs.  The more you think about it, you realize how much our lives rely on signs and how much people want signs!

God knows this.  God knows that we have ruined the perfection he created.  God knows that we are sinful.  God knows that we forget.  We doubt.  We worry.  We become unsure.  God knows this.  So throughout the ages God has often used signs. Read the rest of this entry