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Christ’s Power Prepares Us for Judgment Day

1st Sunday in Advent

Christ’s Power Prepares Us for Judgment Day

1. Over sin
2. Over Satan and hell
3. Over death
4. Over all things

Text:  1 Peter 3:18-22


“Santa is coming!  Santa is coming!”  The little children in the movie shout with endless glee.  Tossing and turning in their beds, they can hardly stop squiggling and squirming knowing that when they wake up in the morning, there will be presents waiting for them.

Yes, the moment the tryptophan of the turkey wears off, Americans are gearing up for Christmas.  Santa is coming!  But though Christmas has been commercialized and confused by the myth of Santa, there are still many that prepare for the real meaning of Christmas.

Millions of Christians around the globe not only did Black Friday shopping and Christmas light hanging this last weekend, but they also set out their manger sets.  They hung angels and Bethlehem stars.  They listened to Bing Crosby sing Oh Come, All Ye Faithful.  They cleared their schedules for the children’s Christmas services and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day worship.  (Because after all, Christmas Day is on a Sunday this year so everyone will certainly come this year.)  We are in full prepare-mode now—Jesus is coming!  Jesus is coming! Read the rest of this entry

What Child is This?

Christmas Message from the Christ the King Lutheran School Children’s Christmas Service

What Child is This?

Maybe it’s just me.  Maybe it’s just that this year we have more students than ever before with over 100 families at Christ the King School.  Maybe it’s something in the water here in Flagler County.  Whatever it is, it seems like there has been a lot of baby news at Christ the King recently.  There have been a number of families that celebrated the birth of a new child since school has started this year—one even just this last week.  On top of that, there are a whole bunch of moms that are now expecting a baby in a few months.  Whatever the reason, we’re thankful that you parents are going to keep our school in business a few more years!

Those first few moments are sure precious.  Few moments in life remain in your memory as long and as well as the birth of your child.  Our family went through it just eight months ago.  (You moms-to-be can ask Mrs. Becky later what it was like to deliver 31 minutes after walking into the hospital!)  From the agonizing pains of labor and pushing and delivery to the exuberant excitement of seeing that baby for the first time; from holding the child so tight and snug in your arms to changing that first meconium-filled diaper; from seeing the eyes open for the first time to hearing those first cute, yet bone-chilling cries, the whole experience of a new baby can be summed up with just one word—joy.

And oh, how we love our babies!  We research to find the very best doctors at the very best hospital.  We carefully swaddle them in clean receiving blankets and put cute little hats and mittens on them.  We check and double check the electronic alarm and nametags to make sure that no one could ever steal our baby.  We sleep with one ear open, ready to pop up at the first peep to rock and sooth the baby.  And we dedicate ourselves to loving and cherishing our most precious child as long as we live. Read the rest of this entry

Sermon on Matthew 24:37-44

Advent 1

Keep Watch!  Be Ready!

Text:  Matthew 24:37-44


You better watch out!  Better not cry!  Better not pout!  I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is comin’ to town.  He’s making a list and checking it twice.  He’s going to find out who’s naughty and nice.  Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town.  He sees when you’re sleeping.  He knows when you’re awake.  He knows if you’ve been bad or good.  So be good for goodness sake!

The point of the song?  Keep Watch!  Be Ready! Santa Claus is coming soon with his massive pile of presents.  He has been watching to see if you were good or bad, and he is going to reward you with presents based on your behavior.  So Keep Watch and Be Ready because Santa is coming soon!

I hardly know where to begin on this song.  First of all, I still have Thanksgiving leftovers in my fridge, so to think that Christmas trees and lights and music and door-busters are raging across America already is a little crazy.  Secondly, this is Advent.  Advent is a word that means to come or coming.  But we aren’t preparing for Santa to come.  (For the sake of the children here today I won’t mention the authenticity of Santa—or lack there of.)  But much more important than waiting on an old man with a white beard is our Advent preparation for Christ’s coming.  But preparing for Christ to come doesn’t mean Black Friday shopping and tinsel all over the house either.  During Advent we certainly anticipate our celebration of his birth.  But that happened already.  He’s already come once.  So now in Advent, we look for Christ’s second coming on Judgment Day.  As we do, we need to Keep Watch and Be Ready! Read the rest of this entry