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Live a New Life . . . Today and Forever

Easter Sunday

Live a New Life . . . Today and Forever

Text:  Romans 6:1-11


Have you had enough?  Are you sick of it?  Have you had enough with bills?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you were financially stable and you didn’t have to pay for your house, your car, insurance, cable, internet, medical bills, and food bills?  Are you sick of the economy?  Don’t you wish that things were stable these days—that you had job security, that the stock market would rise, that homes and vehicles actually had value?

Are you worried by all of the problems around us?  One day Japan is nearly leveled by earthquakes and tsunamis.  Then the entire government is threatened and rumored to shut down.  Then half of Texas goes up in flames with wild fires.  Before you know it there will probably be another terrorist attack somewhere in the world, or in this country.  When will it ever end?

Don’t you wish you could catch a break?  Someone in your family is always sick.  First it’s cold after cold after cold.  Then it’s the flu, or even the swine flu.  Then someone gets cancer.  Your To Do List is a mile long.  There aren’t enough hours in a day or a week to do everything you have to do.  And it seems like every other day you or someone you know hears more heart-wrenching news.

Have you had enough?  Are you sick of it?  Are you tired?  Worn out?  Wearied?  Beat down?  Don’t you wish sometimes you could just start all over?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could live a new life?  Well you can!  Listen to the words of Romans 6 this morning on page 9 of your service folder.  You can Live a New Life . . . Today and Forever. Read the rest of this entry


Sermon on Romans 6:15-23

20th Sunday after Pentecost

Thanks Be to God!

1. You’re free!
2. You’re a slave!

Text:  Romans 6:15-23


The year:  1861.  The setting:  The deep South.  The location:  a cotton plantation in rural Georgia.  Your job:  a slave.  Freedom is a foreign concept.  The shackles on your hands and your feet prove it.  The deep gashes on your back prove it.  All day long you are forced into rigorous labor—picking cotton in the field, churning butter by hand, obeying every beck and call of your master.  All night long you are chained up so that you cannot escape.

If you should slow down in your work during the day, the whip slashing your back or the rod smashing your head quickly would remind you that you are a slave.  You aren’t free.  If you should try to escape during the night, the knife blade or the gunshot would teach you a lesson you will never forget.  You are a slave.  You aren’t free.

There is no regard for humanity.  You are slave.  There is no freedom.  You are a slave.  There is no escaping.  Ever.  You are a slave.  Whether you make a run for it or you stay and do your duty, you are doomed and destined to death.  Slavery results in death. Read the rest of this entry