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Just What You Need! More Justin Bieber News!

Don’t spit out your coffee. Pick your jaw up off the ground. Try to make it through your day . . .

Justin Bieber is all over the headlines. Again.

Multiple sources are reporting that on Sunday the pop-sensation heartthrob got into an altercation with a member of the paparazzi. The exact details of the event are not clear yet, but it would appear that the photographer was blocking Bieber’s vehicle and wouldn’t move immediately. The altercation apparently followed, which reportedly included Bieber “assaulting” the photographer.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s investigators were looking to question the celebrity about the event. At the moment, what exactly happened and Bieber’s level of guilt are undetermined.

So will you make it? Will you survive until you know what will unfold next in the dramatic life that is Bieber-mania? Will your life go on pause now as you sit anxiously by your computer and phone waiting for the latest news story, Facebook post, or tweet about this celebrity?

I don’t know what your level of Bieber-fever is at. Maybe the previous paragraph describes you. There are people like that. Most people I know personally don’t really care at all. Then again, I’m way past my teens now.

As I heard this story though, I couldn’t help think about one of Solomon’s wise proverbs in Scripture:

Better a little with the fear of the LORD than great wealth with turmoil.  Proverbs 15:16

That seems to be so true with all of the rich and famous, not just Justin Bieber. So many in this world chase after wealth and fame and power. But when they actually have it–and oh my does Justin Bieber have it–it usually ends in turmoil.

Haven’t you ever wondered: Why is it that so many celebrities become drug or alcohol addicts, depressed, bankrupt, imprisoned, or just general trouble makers? Solomon was the wisest and richest man ever. He knew from first hand experience why:  Because a person is always better off with fear of the LORD than great wealth.

Fear of the LORD could basically be summarized as a biblically equivalent phrase to the concept of faith. So Solomon is saying:  It’s better to have little or even no possessions and faith which follows the Lord than to have a lot of fame, money, and possessions which usually end in turmoil.

So when Justin Bieber crashes the headlines with an “earth-shattering” story like the recent one of his alleged altercation, Christians can really react in two ways:

  1. Reaction 1:  So what? My life–no, more importantly, my eternal life–does not depend on the shenanigans of some teen icon. There are better things for us to talk about than Justin Bieber and other A-list superstars. How about we spend some time talking about Scripture or Jesus instead?
  2. Reaction 2:  Too bad for Biebs. Hopefully he has a true knowledge of his Savior Jesus. If he does, hopefully he starts acting like it a bit more. If he doesn’t, it is really a shame. All that fame, power, and money go to waste. I can only pray then that the Lord would lead him to understand the “one thing needful” that really matters in life–his Savior Jesus Christ.

So Bieber is in the news again.

Oh well.

I have more Bible reading and Jesus-serving to do.