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60 Day Bible Challenge: Day 50

10 Days to go! (Well 11 if you count December 31)

Where have all the days gone? Time normally flies by, but I’ve noticed that when you are trying to keep up with a challenge like this–and actually doing it–time really really flies by when trying to read the entire Bible in 60 days!

So now there are about 10 days left in the 60 Day Bible challenge. Those who got a late start or who fell behind are running out of time to catch up now. This is crunch time!

Personally, I’m doing pretty well. I would like to be farther, but I’m ok with how much I’ve read so far. Tomorrow I’ll be starting the book of Job. That means I need to read Job through Malachi in order to finish. I’ll probably need to read about 90 minutes each day, but I should be able to finish!

So far I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Bible challenge. I’ve found that weekdays are better reading times for me–because of my kind of job and my schedule. I’ve also found it very beneficial to do lengthy readings through historical books like 1 & 2 Samuel or 1 & 2 Kings. It really helps to get a full picture of the history and a person’s life when you read all about it on one day.

Finally, I will say that the most beneficial part of this challenge has been the growth of faith so far. When you “go into rigorous training” like this, you do in fact train yourself to carry on with good habits. It is becoming more and more engrained in my life and lifestyle now to do a lengthy Bible reading every day–and to look forward to it every day!

Wherever you are at with your Bible reading, keep plugging along! If you are doing the 60 Day Bible challenge, finish strong! If not, just keep reading! And remember, there’s a new 90 Day Bible Challenge starting on January 1 that you can join in!

Here’s a report on all of my readings over the last 18 days:

Days 33-50 Readings (in order):  Joshua 1-14, Nothing, Joshua 15-24 & Judges 1-7, Judges 8-21 & Ruth & 1 Samuel 1-3, 1 Samuel 4-20, 1 Samuel 21-31 & 2 Samuel 1-6, 2 Samuel 7-24, Nothing, Nothing, 1 Kings 1-22, 2 Kings 1-25, 1 Chronicles 1-16, 1 Chronicles 17-29 & 2 Chronicles 1-5, 2 Chronicles 6-19, Nothing, Nothing, 2 Chronicles 20-36, Ezra & Nehemiah & Esther

Days 33-50 Times (in order):  45 minutes, 0, 67 minutes, 82 minutes, 68 minutes, 58 minutes, 80 minutes, 0, 0, 110 minutes, 114 minutes, 60 minutes, 57 minutes, 58 minutes, 0, 0, 69 minutes, 118 minutes

Total Time to Date:  2,492  (41.53 hours!)

60 Day Bible Challenge: Days 10-15

There are some weeks that blow by so fast that they are lost, forgotten, and erased from the memory banks almost immediately. Then there are weeks that go so badly that you wish you could erase them from your memory banks.

Last week seemed to be that kind of a week. Everything that could happen or go wrong seemed to happen or go wrong. There were school issues, church issues, meetings with parents, meetings with church members. Then there was the regular, large amount of things to accomplish in that week. Then there was the massive annual community kids carnival that we hosted on Saturday. And to top it all off, all four members of my family were sick–with my two children having it the worst. So we didn’t sleep much either. Read the rest of this entry