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Who Will Go and Work Today?

6th Sunday after Pentecost

Who Will Go and Work Today?

Text: Matthew 9:35-10:4


You know that look.  We have all had it.  One eyebrow furls down low.  The other slightly rises in skeptical scorn.  Your lips pucker in a slanted frown.  Your nostrils flare.  Your eyes roll to look away.

“Great.  Another homeless person coming to ask for help.  What’s the story this time?  He needs “gas money” (even though he’s riding a bike)?  She’s trying to get back on her feet after life has been tough?  Give me a break!  Life is tough for all of us.  Why do they have to sit in the middle of the sidewalk?  Why do they have to take up the whole square on Kings Street in St. Augustine?  Why do they have to waste my time with these fabricated sob stories?”

Now we rightly and wisely can be carefully discerning in these situations since some do lie or abuse the help they ask for.  Yet more often than not we see that person at the bottom of the social totem pole and we give that look.  We are disgusted and quickly turn away.

Those are people obviously in need of help.  But have you ever stopped to think who else might need help?  Have you ever stopped to think how someone besides yourself might be doing?  Read the rest of this entry

Why I Love What I Do

There are some ministry moments that I will never forget. I will always cherish special landmarks in Christ the King’s history like our first ever organizational meeting in my living room, the day we opened our Preschool, or the dedication of our new building. These special moments have been significant moments in an extremely blessed history of our church and school.

But more often its the people that mean so much to me. Those special few who truly soak in every Word I teach them from Scripture. Those wonderful members that showed up out of nowhere one day and now are leaders at the church. Those unchurched visitors or school families that learned the true meaning of God’s grace for their lives. Often the unique stories of these people and my encounters with them are precious memories held near and dear to the heart.

Recently I had the privilege of one of my special memories turning into something now that I can always watch. I’ve had the privilege of working with a family, teaching the Word of God to them and sharing the good news of salvation. I even had the joy of baptizing the mother and both children. This family has taken to heart the joy of Jesus and the blessings of baptism so much that the husband produced a short video to capture the event.

This is an example of how I pray all receive and cherish the Word of God and the message of forgiveness. This is why I love what I do!

Here is their memorable video:

Daily Devotion on 1 Kings 19:19-21

Text:  1 Kings 19:19-21

Could you do it? Could you drop everything, leave your family, and dedicate your life to the Lord?

This week’s worship focuses on the Savior’s power inspiring us to serve him. We see outstanding examples of dedicated service. The four fishermen left their jobs and their families to become fishers of men. Paul and Barnabas set off on a missionary trip. Today we see Elisha  leave all behind to serve Elijah.

Elisha was pretty serious about a life of serving the Lord too. There was no turning back when he sacrificed his oxen and burned his plowing equipment.

Could you do that? Could you leave behind everything to serve the Lord?

You can! Best of all, you don’t have to “drop everything” to serve Jesus. Some of us have dedicated our lives to a life of serving the Lord in what is called the public ministry. We are pastors, teachers, family ministers, etc. This is what we do. We are full time ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But mailmen can serve Jesus wholeheartedly. So can office workers. And businesswomen. And sales clerks. And any other person–working or not.

All of us have opportunity to serve Jesus when we live with love. We have opportunity to be fishers of men when we let our lights shine and season our conversations with salt. The point is, we can serve Jesus wholeheartedly no matter our vocation. In fact, there are probably people in my congregation that do a much better job witnessing in their everyday lives than I do!

God grant us the willingness and joy to serve Jesus like Elisha, Paul, Barnabas, Peter, Andrew, James, John, and so many more–no matter what our lot or station in life!

Prayer: Lord, make me a willing instrument to serve you in my words and actions every day of my life. You have given me new life in your forgiveness. Now help me live my life for you!


Christ the King has been preparing quite a bit recently for the excitement of calling a new kindergarten teacher as a full time worker in our church and school. See this post for more information about the event. In addition to our discussions and plans for a new kindergarten teacher, we also took some time to study ministry very carefully.

This four week Bible study series on Sunday mornings was meant to remind us all how we can better serve our God and our neighbors.  In addition, we took a careful look at some very controversial and highly scrutinized topics such as the public ministry and women in ministry. It was great to review again what God says about the ministry of all believers and the ministry of those who serve publicly on behalf of others.

If you missed any of the lessons, you can view the Bible study guides with answers on the Bible Studies page of this blog.

Video of the Week: Assignment Day

This is a very exciting week for Christ the King! It certainly ranks as high as many or most other weeks in our brief, almost-three-year history. This week we are adding to our teaching staff at Christ the King School. But this is no ordinary addition. And this is certainly no ordinary “hire.”

First, we say with excitement that this new teacher will be a kindergarten teacher. The excitement lies in the fact that the addition of a kindergarten teacher means the expansion of our school! God is blessing our school greatly–so much so that we are able to add a new grade next year. And if God is willing and continues to bless, we will add more grades in the following years. Read the rest of this entry