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The Faith of a Child Changes Everything

The 3rd Sunday after Pentecost

The Faith of a Child Changes Everything

Text:  Mark 10:13-16


What a week!  What a group of kids!  What great faith!  It’s always amazing to observe the Vacation Bible School children in action during VBS week.  There were many memorable moments.  I think of Mrs. Stacey teaching 3- and 4-year-olds about Moses and the Red Sea as they split into two groups and the rest walked through the middle “on dry ground.”  I think of the smiles so many children wore as they had lots of fun with their friends learning more about Jesus.  I think of the children dashing out of the church to their parents’ cars to tell them what they learned and to show them what they made.  And how about that singing?  It’s hard not to be moved by the passionate and joyful singing by such a big crowd of children.  They don’t care about notes or pitch or tone.  They just sing to Jesus with all their heart.

That reminds me of my favorite story from this last week, maybe one of my favorite stories of all time from VBS.  While I was greeting parents in the car rider line Friday, one of the mothers told me that she took the kids shopping after VBS on Thursday.  A brave feat since she picked up four other kids and then had six with her in the store!  While they were in the checkout line at Publix, one of the kids started singing one of the songs they learned this last week.  Without hesitation, all six joined in to sing the song.  People were stopping what they were doing to see and hear what was going on. Read the rest of this entry