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Sermon on Philippians 3:8-11

5th Sunday in Lent

The Greatness of Knowing Christ

Text:  Philippians 3:8-11


Did you know?  Take yourself back in time.  Think back to when you were first able to have complex cognitive thoughts.  Perhaps you were in the 5th or 6th grade.  Baseball cards or Barbies, chewing gum, and hopscotch were still your favorite pastimes.  But at this time you first started dreaming.  You began dreaming about your perfect spouse and your ideal family.  You began thinking ahead about your ideal career and all the money you would make.  You fantasized about the wonderful life lying ahead.  Think way back to those days.  Did you know?  Way back then when dreams were fresh and life was fun, did you know?

Did you know that by this time in your life your heart would be broken this many times?  Did you know that you would have shed tears as many times as you have?  Did you know that you would end up in a family with so many problems?  Way back then did you know the number of times that you would receive devastating news?  Did you know this many people in your life would become sick or die?  Did you know that life would be so overbearing, that life would be so complicated, that life would be so filled with pain and suffering?

I’m sure all of us ran around at recess or in our neighborhoods with our friends growing up and we looked forward to the life ahead.  With a childlike innocence and exuberance, we couldn’t wait to grow up and to make the most of the happy lives that awaited us.  But now we are older.  Now we know better.  Now we have bags under our eyes and ulcers and gray hair (or no hair) and days without sleep and days without smiles.  Now we know what life is really like.  We have a knowledge of life that comes from real experience.  That knowledge gives us a certain power for living. Read the rest of this entry