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Back to School

Vespers: Evening Prayer

Back to School

Text: Psalm 34


We made it.  The first day of school.  Done and over.  Phew!  The first day back to school is always interesting.  There were smiles and happy faces.  There were crying children.  There were crying parents.  Teachers were excited to get going again and to work with the new students.  Parents were excited to get the kids out of the house and off their hands.  Students, at least for one day, were excited to be back at school and learning.

You might call it the Back to School Syndrome.  Homework and tests haven’t piled up yet.  Students aren’t sick of each other yet.  Teachers aren’t sick of students yet.  For a time, everyone is truly focused on learning.  Check back in mid-October and see if the Back to School Effect has worn off yet!

That Back to School Syndrome shows up in our Christian lives quite a bit.  Sometimes we can be very fired up for reading and studying God’s Word.  Maybe it was the excitement of CTK Bible Study Week.  Maybe it was a topic that was particularly interesting to us.  Maybe it was that we finally overcame our laziness and got our noses into the Bible.

But that Back to School Syndrome wares off in our Christian lives too.  Suddenly we find ourselves too busy.  We get tired of finding extra time to read the Bible.  We get sick of taking extra time out of our day.  We get lazy again.  Like mid-October in a school year, we are downright tired of learning.

What better opportunity than on the first day of school to rededicate our Christian lives to learning?  This evening you and I can get Back to School and do some learning of our own from Psalm 34. Read the rest of this entry