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Daily Devotion on Genesis 19:15-17,23-29

Text:  Genesis 19:15-17,23-29

What was it that she loved so much?

Was it the home she had known for years? Was it good friends she had made? Was it a certain kind of lifestyle? Was it the intoxicating indulgence of blatant sin?

Lot’s wife loved something about Sodom and Gomorrah. As two angels whisked Lot and his family out of the city, they warned the family not to look back at what was happening. But as the Lord rained down burning sulfur, Lot’s wife couldn’t help but look back. Instantly she turned into a pillar of salt.

When the Lord Jesus returns on the Last Day bringing destruction to the heavens and the earth and judgment to all, will you be ready? Will you be eager to leave this sinful world and enter the safety of eternal life? Will you be eager to leave behind everything that you know and love here?

I’m guessing that last question caused you to pause. Are you really eager to leave behind the life that you know, the house you have lived in for years, the friends you have had so much fun with?

We begin to see why Lot’s wife fell into the temptation to look back.

During the new church season of Advent we prepare for Jesus’ coming–not just at Christmas, but his final coming on Judgment Day. As we prepare for the Last Day then, God calls us to lift up our heads to watch and wait for Christ’s coming.

It’s a completely different mindset than humans are used to. It means realizing that this world is temporary, not eternal. It means realizing that this world is sinful, not perfect. It means realizing that heaven has better things waiting for us–better things that we cannot possibly fathom.

So lift up your heads, lift your eyes to the skies, and don’t look back. Jesus is coming!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, come quickly. In this world of sin and darkness we pray that you will quickly come to take us home. Lift our eyes heavenward to bring our focus out of this world and to you and life eternal. We pray this in your name. Amen.

Sermon on Genesis 19:15-17, 23-29

1st Sunday of Advent

Don’t Look Back

Text:  Genesis 19:15-17, 23-29


The begging and pleading had nearly crossed the line and become annoying.  Yet we can still categorize it as persistence.  He would not give up.  He kept trying and trying, praying and praying.  For the sixth time he pleaded with the Lord, May the Lord not be angry, but let me speak just once more.  What if only ten can be found there?”  [The Lord] answered, “For the sake of ten, I will not destroy it.” God had planned to destroy the city of Sodom.  But Abraham almost negotiated God down to promise that if there were 10 believers in the city he would not destroy it.  Considering that Abraham’s nephew Lot and Lot’s wife and two daughters were believers, Abraham was really only asking God to spare the city if six believers outside his family could be found.

There weren’t.  There weren’t even 10 total believers in the entire city of Sodom—that’s how sinful it was.  Can you imagine if I was sent here to start this new church in Palm Coast and I found when I got here that every church in town was empty and that there weren’t even seven other Christians besides my family in the entire city!  We hear more about the wickedness of the city just before the Old Testament lesson this morning.  At the beginning of Genesis 19 two angels came in human form to the house of Lot to warn Lot about what was going to happen.  When the men of the city saw these two angels they got excited.  They surrounded Lot’s house and demanded that the two men come out so that they could have relations with them. Read the rest of this entry