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90 Day Bible Challenge: Day 15

Today is day 15 of the 90 Day Bible Challenge. For those keeping track, that means we are 16.7% of the way into the challenge.

For me, time has been just flying by! A busy schedule, active kids, and a little family sickness have been stretching every minute of every day about as far as possible.

Again, it seems to me that this has been typical of any normal person living in this world. Things will always “just come up.” There will always be something to keep us from reading the Bible. There will always be something that seems to take precedence.

I think that’s why something like this 90 Day Challenge can be so important. It’s an exercise in discipline. It forces us to make a conscientious effort to read God’s Word on a regular basis. God-willing, that conscientious effort will lead to better Bible reading habits that can outlast and overcome the distractions of daily life.

I have fallen just a bit behind, but I am working to catch up. I should be caught up by the end of the week. I’m encouraged that there are 10 extra days built into the 90 Day Challenge so that if I do miss or fall a bit behind, I can still finish the whole Bible in 90 days!

How has your reading been going so far? Keep it up!

Here are my stats to date:

Reading over the last few days:  John 10-Romans 8

Total Time over those days:  221 minutes

Total Time To Date:  569 minutes

Note of interest:  When I did the 60 Day Bible Challenge last year I read the 4 Gospels (Matthew-John) in 362 minutes. This year in the 90 Day Challenge it took me 408 minutes. Perhaps I read a bit slower since I’m reading the new 2011 NIV this year and a couple different translations and footnotes have caused me to pause a bit. (I might also be a little more distracted!)

60 Day Bible Challenge: Day 4

Gospels? Check! I accomplished my goal of reading the four gospels in four days. Today I read the gospel of John. It truly is amazing to see how God inspired these writers to write the very words he wanted, yet in the writer’s own style and vocabulary.

John’s gospel is a beautiful one to read. It so clearly shows and proves that Jesus is the Word of God, who is with God and who is God (John 1). All the many miracles and all the “I AM” statements of Jesus show that Jesus is both true man and true God, come to save us from our sins!

Tomorrow my goal is to read all of the book of Acts. If I accomplish this goal, I’m well on my way to reading all of the New Testament in about two weeks. That was my original goal so that I had more time to get through the Old Testament!

How are you doing with the 60 Day Challenge?  Keep up the reading!

Day 4 Reading:  John

Day 4 Time:  83 minutes

Total Time to Date:  362 minutes  (that means 6 hours to read all 4 gospels)