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A Real Life School Experience

Recently, Fox 6 News in Milwaukee, WI did a story on a special school project that took place at Wisconsin Lutheran High School. This year was the sixth year that the high school opened “The Reality Store.”

In the Reality Store, junior and senior students have the opportunity to pretend that they are living in the real world as grown up adults. They pick careers that have income levels. Some have pretend families to care for. They have the opportunity to buy a home, buy or rent a vehicle, buy insurance, buy pets, and much more. Each student then has to balance the budget for the month and to see if they can “make it in the real world.”

This invaluable exercise is a rude awakening for a lot of students. They quickly learn that they will need to grow up quickly. Life isn’t quite as easy as high schoolers normally think.

Having attended Wisconsin Lutheran High School, I’m very proud of such an advanced and creative school activity! (I’m also very jealous that I never got to do it!)

As Christ the King School moves forward as a school of excellence, I think this would be a wonderful addition to our school that our upper grade students can learn from. Hopefully we can incorporate this activity into our school curriculum so that we can better prepare students to live in the real world!

You can watch the news report and footage from the event here.