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Dedication Sermon on 1 Kings 8:45-63

The Dedication of Christ the King Lutheran Church & School

A House Fit for the King

Text:  1 Kings 8:45-63


After all those years.  After all that hard work.  After all that money spent.  Finally!  Dedication day!  On a dedication day the exuberance, joy, and happiness are so real, so tangible, so thick you could almost feel it and touch it—thicker even than the humidity in Florida!  What a long journey it was, filled with happiness and joy, sadness and sorrow, laughing and crying.  But everyone would wholeheartedly agree it was worth it—if you would just stand back and take a look at the majesty of the building from the outside and then gasp in awe at the beauty of the inside.

It’s no wonder we hear about such a grand celebration and worship service in 1 Kings 8.  Indeed, it had been a long time.  At times we certainly got a little sick of setting up and tearing down week after week for two and a half years at Wadsworth Elementary School.  It was the same old routine over and over again.  We got to be so good at it, as everyone had their own little jobs to do, we could tear down and be out of that building in seven minutes flat.  But it still wasn’t fun.

Solomon and the Israelites would just laugh at us.  “Ha!  Three years?  Try 300 years!”  That’s how long the Israelites had been waiting to have a permanent house of worship.  Actually, they never even had a temple to worship in.  It was only at the time of Moses that God first gave instructions for a mobile, tent-like sanctuary known as the tabernacle.  That was their primary place of worship for over 300 years. Read the rest of this entry

Video of the Week: First Sermon

It is a great honor and privilege that the video of this week is a sermon. But this is not any ordinary sermon. This was the first sermon at the new Christ the King Church building. God’s people gathered on June 13, 2010 for the first time in this new sanctuary to proclaim what God has done and to praise him for his blessings. The theme for worship was Rededication to the Lord and His Word. The theme for the sermon was Now is the Time for Dedication.

Now that Christ the King is worshiping in the new building, all worship services and sermons will be recorded. This video is the first! Praise God for his blessings, and thank God for his mighty Word that changes our lives!

Sermon on 2 Kings 22:3-13, 23:1-3,25

3rd Sunday after Pentecost; 1st sermon at the new CTK Church

Now is the Time for Dedication


Finally!  Here we are!  After all that time and all those hardships, here we finally are in our own permanent worship space!  And what a beautiful house of God it is!  I think it is safe to say that this is a happy and joyous moment for us all.

As happy as we might be with the new Christ the King Church and School building after just under three years of nomadic worship at Wadsworth Elementary School, it is likely only a fraction of the joy that Israel once felt with their new temple.  For around 300 years the Israelites also had a mobile worship space.  It started at the time of Moses while the people were wandering in the desert.  God gave his people instructions on how to build and set up a tabernacle for worship.  This tabernacle was not some small structure made up of little pieces that could fit in an 8×13 trailer like our old church (which also means they couldn’t have their church stolen like ours was!).  No this tabernacle was a massive tent-like structure configured with many movable parts and many ornate furnishings. Read the rest of this entry