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Daily Devotion on Luke 24:36-49

Devotion Text: Luke 24:36-49

Anticipation is an exciting thing.

Think of your childhood–that summer trip to Disney World or counting “how many sleeps” to your next birthday. Even now, most of our lives are spent anticipating one big event after the next. We hardly know what we’re doing while we’re concentrating on what we’re going to do next!

Yet, anticipation can also be a dangerous thing. Parents know the sadness of a child who gets all worked up for something that doesn’t live up to its billing. We, too, can anticipate something so strongly that the rest of our lives lose their flavor and the event itself ends up as a let down.

Imagine the Jews, anticipating the savior for centuries! Over and over again, they heard that he is coming soon! In their anticipation of the Messiah, they lost the true meaning of the event. When Christ, the true Messiah came, they missed him and did not appreciate him. Their anticipation was so great, that the actual event was a let down in their eyes.

Jesus, after his resurrection from the dead, reassured his disciples that their anticipation was not in vain. By raising from the dead, Jesus provided his followers with a new hope, a true hope of life eternal in heaven. It was not the flashy overthrow of the Romans that the Jews had been waiting for, but it was a toppling of sin, death and hell.

Looking back, it was clear to those disciples that Jesus was what they had been waiting for all those years. Though the event itself seemed to pass by in an instant, Jesus fulfilled everything that the prophecies said he would do.

Prayer: Dearest Jesus, thank you for fulfilling every single prophecy as proof of who you are. Forgive all of the times I have doubted you or have spent more time asking for your blessings than thanking you for the blessings you have given me.