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Video of the Week: Mission Work in Mexico

“Go and make disciples of all nations.” It wasn’t a suggestion.  This was Jesus’ command. It wasn’t just a command for the 12 disciples. It wasn’t just a command for pastors and teachers. This was Jesus’ command for all of his disciples.

“But how am I supposed to do that? I don’t speak other languages! I don’t have the time for that! I don’t have the training for that!” Indeed, not all are able to do mission work in other countries in the very specific, gospel preaching sense of mission work. For many, carrying out Jesus’ Great Commission will mean sharing the good news of our Savior with family, friends, and neighbors.

But this is another blessing of being part of an international church body. The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) carries out mission work all over the world in many different countries. As individual congregations gather offerings each week, they have the privilege of sending a portion of their offerings to the WELS to carry out mission work. These congregational mission offerings fund all kinds of missionaries and their work. Thus, in essence, every day Christians are able to make disciples of all nations through their generous offerings of thanks to the Lord.

There is an inspiring story about these offerings in action, doing mission work in Mexico. Here is the story about WELS work in Mexico:

Video of the Week: School Chapel

This school year has been so much more enjoyable than the previous two years. With a brand new building, there are several luxuries that we are truly enjoying–new classrooms, new technology in each room, a new playground, and much more! But perhaps the greatest thing about our new church and school is this one thing–MORE SPACE!!

What a difference to have room to work with now! We actually have a parking lot that fits all the parents’ cars. Our playground itself is twice the size of our former Preschool building! And the classrooms and hallways were specifically designed to give students some extra wiggle room.

But another sizable space that we are thankful for is our new sanctuary! Of course we are thankful for that as a church, but the sanctuary has also been of great benefit to us as a school. Parent meetings and special presentations can be held in the sanctuary with plenty of space for lots of people, and plenty of technology for any kind of presentation.

One other terrific use we have found for our sanctuary though is something new to our school program this year. Every Friday at 10am our entire student body gathers in the sanctuary for chapel. Chapel is led by Pastor Huebner. During chapel he gives a brief children’s message and devotion, the children sing a song or two together, and they close with prayer.

School chapel lasts only 15 minutes and is only once a week, but it is precious time that we have together. It builds school unity. It gets the children used to sitting in church. Most importantly, it is an opportunity for the children to hear the Word of God and to learn more about the love of Jesus.

Parents are always invited to attend school chapel at 10:00am each Friday. Otherwise, they can watch it online. School chapel is recorded and posted every week. Thus, the “Video of the Week” this week is actually two videos, the first two school chapels of this school year:



Video of the Week: Commentary on the Means of Grace & Worship

It was quite the day. The worship service will go down in history as one of the greatest and most memorable worship services in the history of Christ the King. Those present might even argue that it could be more memorable than the dedication worship service for Christ the King’s new church and school building.

The theme for worship set the tone for the service–Jesus is the Only Way to Heaven. To be sure, the Scripture lessons, hymns, and prayers made very clear that we will be entering the narrow door of heaven through Jesus and through Jesus alone. That was memorable enough.

But God had in mind that he would not only touch us with his Word that morning. At the beginning of the worship service we were also reminded of the power of God’s Word in connection with water, which washes us clean and clothes us with Christ in baptism. We were reminded of our own baptisms as we witnessed FIVE being baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection. Here is a video of that moving event from worship:

That too, would be memorable enough. But God still wasn’t done showing the power of his mighty Word. Later in the service the Word of the Lord was proclaimed at the meal which he gave us–the Supper in which his own body and blood are present with bread and wine. Once more in this worship service, forgiveness of sins was proclaimed in a real, tangible, and memorable way.

As the sermon in the middle of the worship service pulled together the whole theme of the day, it also related the story of a friend of Christ the King, Mike, who passed away the day before and entered through the narrow door to heaven. Here is a video of that sermon:

Thus, by the end of worship there was hardly an eye that was left dry that morning. We all knew we had been a part of a very special worship service. This touching worship service and this great display of God’s power through his Means of Grace (the gospel in Word and both Sacraments) moved Pastor Huebner to speak from the heart about the Means of Grace and Worship. The opening question he posed (which is hard to hear) was this, “How does God interact with his people today?” Here is what was said:

Video of the Week: Online Worship

After several weeks of “technical difficulties,” Christ the King is up and running for good with online sermons and services. One week we forgot to turn the computer on. One week the power went out. One week the audio didn’t work. But now, we finally have it all figured out! Everything is running very smoothly, and each worship service is being recorded as it should be.

Every Sunday both the worship service and the sermon alone will be posted to Christ the King’s Vimeo page. These videos will also be embedded on the church website. Thus, you can always stay connected with Christ the King and with the Word of God by watching our worship and the sermons online.

As examples of the videos we will be posting, here is the worship service and the sermon from the dedication of Christ the King Lutheran Church and School on July 18, 2010:

Video of the Week: First Sermon

It is a great honor and privilege that the video of this week is a sermon. But this is not any ordinary sermon. This was the first sermon at the new Christ the King Church building. God’s people gathered on June 13, 2010 for the first time in this new sanctuary to proclaim what God has done and to praise him for his blessings. The theme for worship was Rededication to the Lord and His Word. The theme for the sermon was Now is the Time for Dedication.

Now that Christ the King is worshiping in the new building, all worship services and sermons will be recorded. This video is the first! Praise God for his blessings, and thank God for his mighty Word that changes our lives!