90 Day Bible Challenge: Day 22

Today is day 22 of the 90 Day Bible Challenge! That means we are almost one third of the way done!

How is your reading going? Are you attempting the 90 Day Challenge? Did you start fast and fall off a bit? Are you still going strong?

There is no specific way to do this, other than just reading through the whole Bible. But if you were following the schedule that I created, the last few days of my schedule have been “lighter” reading days.

I was personally behind a few days in following my schedule. But over the last week I was able to catch up. Now I am only about 1.5 days behind, and in the next day or two I should be back on track. Again, knowing that my schedule has about 10 days of “free days” built in, I feel good that I am right on track to finish in 90 days.

The more I continue to do this the more I am reminded about the over and above effort and determination that is necessary to regularly read your Bible. There are so many things that come up in life! Excuses come easy. It takes a conscientious effort to regularly be in the Word of God!

Keep up your reading! Whether you are doing the 90 Day Challenge or not–Keep up your reading of God’s Word!

Here is a summary of my reading stats so far:

Reading over the last few days:  Romans 9 all the way through Jude

Total Time over those days:  333 minutes

Total Time To Date:  902 minutes


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