Daily Devotion on Genesis 2:18-24

Text:  Genesis 2:18-24

There passed Mr. Aardvark and Mrs. Aardvark. Then Mr. Kangaroo and Mrs. Kangaroo.  Then Mr. Elephant and Mrs. Elephant.

“All these animals have partners,” thought Adam, “but I don’t!”

God had given Adam the special task of naming all the animals in the Garden of Eden. At the same time, this task of service to the Lord became an object lesson for Adam. He quickly learned that life would be so much better with a helper-companion.

So God made the perfect companion for Adam–Eve. She was perfect in every way. She was anatomically different. She was beautiful. She was equal in importance, but lesser in intended role. She would be both a perfect mate and a perfect helper to Adam. Thus, when the two would come together, they would become one flesh. In love, in partnership, in decisions, and yes, even in flesh, the two would become one before God.

This was God’s design and plan for marriage.

We note a few things about this plan. We note, as some more crassly say, that God did not make Adam and Steve, but Adam and Eve. God designed marriage to be between one man and one woman. Also, we note that God made the woman to be a helper for the man. God designed the husband to be the head of the marriage and the woman to be the partner. Both have equally important roles, yet both have completely different roles.

We might take an illustration from football. When players don’t follow the rules, there are problems in the game. The worse the deviation from the rules, the worse the penalty. A false start on offense will result in a loss of 5 yards, while a holding penalty is 10 yards, but a flagrant foul is 15 yards. And the more a team deviates from the rules, the greater the chance the game will be lost.

God designed and made the rules for marriage. But when we humans don’t follow God’s rules, problems happen. When husband and wife don’t love and honor each other, the marriage becomes a challenge. When husband and wife don’t follow their God-given roles and do whatever they please, there are bigger problems. Then, when humans even think they can flagrantly ignore the rules completely and marry within the same gender, then there are really big problems.

Just as the rules in football were designed for the good of the players, God had loving intentions and the best in mind when he designed marriage. What a blessing then, when a man leaves his father and mother to be united with his wife and the two become one united flesh, following God’s plans for marriage and enjoying God’s blessings of marriage!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, lead all men and women to honor your gift of marriage. Lead husbands and wives to love and cherish one another. Lead all people to honor and respect what you have designed for marriage. Help us all–married or single–to show love to one another as you have intended. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


About Pastor Phil Huebner

Pastor. Missionary. Principal. Husband. Father. Serving in love as each. http://www.ctkpalmcoast.com

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