90 Day Bible Challenge: Day 2

Today is Day 2 of the 90 Day Bible Challenge. I have been very encouraged by the number of people who are giving it a try this time around! I printed a bunch of reading schedules for our members at church, and I had to print a bunch more because we ran out! There have also been a number of people online from around the country who are joining in the challenge. Awesome!

Many reported that they got off to a good start and finished their reading for yesterday. Awesome again!

However . . . it is only going to get more challenging! Each day will have new obstacles. Each day will bring new excuses. Fight through and finish! Your life will certainly be different if you can make it through!

This morning I set my alarm for early. I didn’t quite wake up when I wanted, but I still got up early enough to finish the book of Matthew. I’m glad I did. It’s always great to start your day off reading about the death and resurrection of our Savior in our place!

Here are my stats so far then:

Day 2 Reading:  Matthew 16-28

Total Time To Date:  119 minutes

Keep up the great reading!


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  1. Tell them about YouVersion, available for android, iPhone and Windows Phone for free. Not only does it have NIV 84, but it has the audio NIV so you can switch to listening instead of reading. I used to use it on my two hours of commute back when I was working. And it’s free.

    Yesterday, I started my reading in my Concordia study bible and finished it up on the phone.

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