90 Day Bible Challenge: Day 1

I have been excited for this day for a while now. I have been very eager to push myself to read more of Scripture lately. I really enjoy these Bible reading challenges because you get a good sense of the “flow” of Scripture and each Bible book when you are reading big chunks at a time. I feel renewed and rejuvenated after reading so much in such little time as well. Finally, I was excited for today because I decided to read from the new 2011 NIV Bible for the first time.

Today I woke up at 5:30am. I would like to say it was planned so that I could get my reading in, but sometimes I just wake up and can’t go back to sleep. That was fine. I wanted to get started anyway!

Following the schedule I created, the first 14 chapters of Matthew were up for the reading today. I started off great. I had 7 chapters done in no time!

Then two-year-old daughter woke up early. I got her and put her in our bed with some more juice. She fell asleep again . . . for 20 minutes. Then I had to make her breakfast. Then my five-year-old son woke up. Then I had to make him breakfast. Then I needed to start getting dressed.

It was kind of typical I suppose. This is what happens so often in our every day lives. Perhaps we have good intentions for reading the Bible, but something always seems to come up to divert our plans. Of course, Satan is so pleased when that is the case!

But I snuck in a few more chapters here and there and finished the reading before 7:30am this morning. I read one chapter ahead and finished Matthew 15 as well.

I’ll keep a running total of my stats as I go just for fun. Here are my stats so far:

Day 1 Reading:  Matthew 1-15

Total Time To Date:  58 minutes

Are you getting started today? I would love to hear from you along the way on your journey these 90 days!


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