Daily Devotion on Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23

Text:  Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23

How dare they?! The Pharisees were outraged! How dare the disciples eat food with hands that hadn’t been washed in the appropriate ceremonial way?!

To modern day people, it might seem a little silly. First, we are big on hygiene and being germ-free. Of course it’s a good idea to wash hands! On the other hand, what was the big deal? As my mother used to say, “A little dirt will never hurt.”

But this was a big deal. These things had become laws in Israel. In fact, there were hundreds of traditions that the Pharisees and others counted as laws. They added these laws to God’s laws so as to show an extra level of piety. It was as if they were saying, “Look how good we are! We don’t just obey Scripture! We obey these other commands we made up, too!”

But in reality, they weren’t really obeying the Lord at all. They may have ceremonial scrubbed their hands all day long, but they still cursed and swore at home. They may have gone over and beyond to keep the Sabbath day, but then they would have hearts filled with hate the next day. So Jesus told them that it is what is in your heart that makes you clean or unclean, not your outward actions.

We are also reminded by these words of Jesus that our outward actions don’t make us clean. Just because you sit in a church pew regularly, or give a little offering to the church now and then, or volunteer once in a while–these things don’t make you clean or better than anyone else. All of us have hearts that are equally dirty and unclean and filled with sin.

Thus, we turn to Jesus who reminds us of our sin today and thank him endlessly. For the one who reminds us that we are unclean in our hearts is the same one who came to make us clean. Not long after this story Jesus would give his life and shed his blood to wash away all the impurity of our souls. Totally forgiven, we stand clean and pure before God now and forever.

The joy of this forgiveness then leads us to look forward to heaven by living a life of humble obedience to our Savior each and every day. God grant us these pious hearts of quiet and thankful obedience to Jesus!

Prayer:  Lord Jesus Christ, continually wash me in your holy and precious blood. Through your forgiveness, I am clean and pure in your sight. Fill my heart now with joy and thanks to live for you in humble obedience. Guide me on my path until I join you in perfect joy forever in heaven. I pray in your name. Amen.


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