Daily Devotion on John 3:1-17

Text: John 3:1-17

Who is Jesus and why is he here? What is God up to? These were the questions that led Nicodemus to rendezvous with Jesus for a late night, behind the scenes interview. It was obvious to Nicodemus that Jesus had come from God because Jesus was doing miracles that only a prophet of God could do. So who was Jesus, was he a prophet or something more? And if he was a prophet what message from God did he have for the Israelites?

Jesus’ beautiful response was just what Nicodemus needed to hear. Jesus’ response is also exactly what we need to hear.

Important point #1: Yes I am from God. I come from God with a heavenly message

Important point #2: Unless you receive the Holy Spirit you cannot go to heaven (the Holy Spirit comes through the waters of baptism)

Important point #3: The Son of Man (a title for Jesus the Son of God) will be lifted up. If you believe in him you will have eternal life.

Important point #4: God the Father orchestrated all of this because he did not wish to condemn the whole world.

I don’t know what Nicodemus expected to hear from Jesus. I don’t know what he wanted to hear from Jesus, but I do know that what he heard was exactly what he needed to hear. “Nicodemus, your triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is offering you the only way to get to heaven. Believe and heaven is yours.”

It’s the gospel, it is the message that every human desperately needs to know. It is the story of our loving God that you desperately need to know. I don’t know what first led you to Jesus. I don’t know what you expect Jesus to do for you, but I do know that he already is offering you everything you need. Heaven is yours, Jesus is offering it to you.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for setting into motion a plan to bring your lost, sinful world back into your loving embrace.

Jesus the Son of God, thank you for offering your life as the ransom which buys our souls a mansion in heaven.

Holy Spirit, thank you for creating in our hearts faith that clings to the promise of Jesus, thank you for bringing about our second birth as children of God.


About vicarhoff

I am thrilled and honored to be serving as vicar/intern at Christ the King Lutheran Church and School for a whole year!

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