Daily Devotion on Romans 13:1-7

Text:  Romans 13:1-7

There isn’t a lot of respect these days when it comes to government.

It’s not quite the same feel as the Vietnam Era though. There aren’t quite so many protests or anti-war hippies (to be stereotypical) running around. But one could argue that there’s even less respect for the government today than ever before.

First, politicians haven’t done much to earn respect lately. In a new age of social media and instant notifications and news, hardly anything is hidden. So when there is scandal, it is instantlyhuge deal. And there have been plenty of political scandals of late. Embezzling, theft, fraud, adultery, immorality and more litter and tarnish the reputations of so many.

Then there are the citizens themselves. Again we can look at the technology and social media available today. Any person in the world can share what they think and believe by blog or Facebook or Twitter or dozens of other avenues. If someone has an opinion about government–even misinformed, wrongful, and biased opinions–those opinions are readily and easily availably to all.

So when it comes to lines in the sand, the differences between liberals and conservatives are vast and nearly insurmountable. Of course, then there are those who form political parties completely different than all the rest!

In this boiling political pot then, there is little respect given. Liberals can’t stand conservatives, and vice versa. Peace-lovers can’t stand war and the military. The military can’t stand those who seem to be “unpatriotic.” Republicans think Democrats are looney and Democrats think Republicans are ancient and archaic. Citizens call for real leaders. Leaders call for real citizens. (Whatever either of those things means.)

How different from what God teaches and commands! Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities this chapter opens with. If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor. 

What a rude wakeup call that is for most United States citizens!

Note how it didn’t say, “only if you agree with the government,” or, “if it’s your political party,” or “if you think things are going well.” These are blanket commands from God to submit to the government and to give respect and honor, no matter what government or leader you are under.


For there is no authority except that which God has established.

So even if you are of a different party, different opinion, or different agenda, the government is due honor, respect, and obedience because God has established it. You can disagree. You can work to pass different laws. You can vote however you want. You can discuss better choices. But the government is always due honor, respect, and obedience because God has established it.

So on this Memorial Day, we can give thanks for our government leaders. We can give thanks for our military personnel past and present who have given of their time and even their lives to defend this country and our freedoms. (Note in verse 4 how God allows for military force and appropriately severe punishments!)

No matter your political party, no matter your opinion on the “issues,” no matter how well current politicians are leading us, we can thank God for the government he has given us and then give them appropriate honor and respect.

God be with our leaders. God be with our military. God be with our country.

Prayer: Lord God, you hold all times and places in your hands. You watch over, protect, and preserve your faithful people. You provide safety and protection through governments of this world which you have established and guide in the days and times of history. I ask that you continue to watch over our good country. Bless us. Preserve us. Give us good leaders. And finally, guide us through your plans for this world until we join you in your glorious kingdom. I pray in your mighty name. Amen.


About Pastor Phil Huebner

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