Daily Devotion on Romans 8:26-27

Text: Romans 8:26-27

Have you ever had one of those moments in life when you just can’t find the words to express how you feel?

The groom feels a lot more than happiness and expectant bliss when he first sees his bride.

The first time mother experiences something more than ecstatic joy and emotional love when she hears her baby cry for the first time.

The little boy who just walked by the casket of his grandfather, the little boy who just saw death for the first time, feels significantly more than words like confused and incredibly sad could explain.

The distraught father and mother who stand weeping by the side of a casket that is much too small for a full grown adult are feeling emotions that words like heartbroken, angry, and bitter cannot even begin to describe.

There just aren’t words in the English language to describe moments like these, and even if there were not many would be able to put them together in a way that would do justice to what we feel.

God tells us to come to him in every trouble. God tells us to pray continually. How do you pray when you can’t find the words? How do you communicate to God your overflowing thanks for the amazing blessings of this life? How do you put to words how you feel when God allows hardships to enter your life?

This week we celebrate Pentecost, the day the God sent his Spirit into his Church to create and sustain life giving faith in all believers. This week we celebrate the Holy Spirit who is able to help us out when our words fail us. What a comforting passage! Our words will fail us. There will be times in our lives when we don’t know what to say to God, good times and bad but the Holy Spirit knows what we are going through and he communicates for us.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us. The blessings you have showered on us are without number. You have not left us to fend for ourselves on this world. You have provided a way out, a way to heaven through Jesus. Today we especially thank you for sending you Holy Spirit into our lives to create faith in our hearts. We thank you that you have given us an Intercessor who will speak on our behalf no matter how tongue tied we get. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.


About vicarhoff

I am thrilled and honored to be serving as vicar/intern at Christ the King Lutheran Church and School for a whole year!

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