Daily Devotion on Acts 11:19-26

Devotion Text:  Acts 11:19-26

Can you imagine?

This man was not only your worst enemy, he literally wanted you dead at every turn. You didn’t just disagree at the water cooler, he spoke out against your beliefs in the city square as led stonings of your friends and leaders. This was pure hatred. If you had once had the opportunity to kill him, it would have been self-defense.

Now, things had changed. This man had changed.

Once completely opposed to your teachings, he was now learning and teaching among your people! He was living among your friends and forsaking his former way of life. How could this be? Was it a trick? People don’t just change like this do they?

This is the story of Paul and Barnabas. Once an enemy of the church, Paul was converted by a vision of the risen Lord Jesus and he changed. Barnabas, a leader in the church of Jerusalem was asked to go to Antioch to see the blessings of the Lord as the church was growing like wildfire. Seeing the blessings at Antioch, Barnabas knew he needed help to serve this congregation and sought out Paul and the two of them became longtime co-workers, spreading the gospel together and the Lord blessed their efforts in Antioch and around the world.

This is the power of the gospel.

It changed the hearts of the people of Antioch, before Paul and Barnabas even arrived. It changed the heart of Paul to become a minister of the gospel instead of an enemy of it. It changed the heart of Barnabas to accept a one-time enemy as a brother. This same gospel changes our hearts and minds as well to willingly leave our lives of sin and serve God.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, change my heart. Turn me from selfish worrying and pride, from sins of habit and sins of choice. Turn me toward you in willful service to your church and my neighbors. Help me to live for you and for others rather than for myself. Give me that strength dear Lord. Amen.


About Michael Schottey

Michael Schottey is a Christian, husband, father of two boys, sportswriter, and aspiring author. He graduated from Martin Luther College with a degree in Biblical Languages in 2009. A lifelong midwesterner, he moved to Florida with his family in 2010 and is a member of Christ the King Lutheran Church (WELS).

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