Daily Devotion on Acts 8:26-40

Text: Acts 8:26-40

For the followers of Jesus, one of the truly remarkable symptoms of Jesus’ resurrection was boldness. Before that triumphant morning the portrait of the Apostles is anything but flattering. Always confused by Jesus’ words they seemed incapable of understanding why Jesus was on this earth. They argued about who would be greatest in the coming kingdom of God. They couldn’t stay awake with Jesus even when it was clear he was struggling in Gethsemane. Impetuous Peter was quick to draw his sword in the garden but slow to claim Jesus as his king in the courtyard. All the disciples fled for fear that they too would be arrested, one of them leaving his clothes behind. Days after Jesus’ death, even with rumors floating around that he was alive again there they were, huddled in a room behind locked doors full of fear and doubt.

Then Jesus appeared. They watched him eat, they put their fingers in the holes in his hands and side, they heard him speak and their lives would never be the same. The timid, terrified followers of Christ were transformed into fearless, faithful missionaries. Once afraid of being arrested and associated with Jesus all of them but one would boldly preach until they were murdered for their faith. Once incapable of understanding who Jesus was and why he was here all of them were changed into missionaries bringing the clear message of Jesus as Savior to the world.

I suppose we could have expected this to happen. We saw Jesus this week claim to be the vine which causes its branches to bear much fruit. We could have expected that Jesus would inspire these fruits in his disciples.

I suppose we should expect these fruits to be seen in us too. The resurrection that gave those early followers of Jesus hope, peace and boldness can and does give us hope, peace and boldness. Jesus is alive! Because of him you too will live for all eternity. Don’t keep this message to yourselves. Don’t pretend that this fact doesn’t drastically change your current life, it does. We are now connected to Jesus our vine, let the world see your fruit and praise your Father in heaven.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, grant that the truth of your word may embolden us to live for you on this earth. Forgive us when we fail to let your light shine through our lives. Help us to always find inspiration and motivation in the love that Jesus has shown us. Give us opportunities to share the message of Jesus, like Philip, with boldness and clarity. In your Son’s name we pray, Amen.

About vicarhoff

I am thrilled and honored to be serving as vicar/intern at Christ the King Lutheran Church and School for a whole year!

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