Daily Devotion for Acts 3:12-20

Devotion Text: Acts 3:12-20

Have you ever done something so wrong, you can’t understand how anyone would ever forgive you?

Maybe it’s some vile and hateful thing you’ve said to your spouse. Perhaps your kids did something and your reaction was less about teaching them and more about satisfying your own anger. It could be that secret habit you just can’t stop but hope and pray no one ever finds out about.

In Peter’s sermon, he had an accusation for the Jewish people. Those who had sang Hosanna on Palm Sunday had shouted for Jesus’ death on Good Friday. This wasn’t a sin against their loved ones, this was a sin against Holy God. These people had spit on Jesus, betrayed him and called for his death.

Yet, are we any better? Our every sin is a spit in the face of the God who demands that we “be holy.” Each transgression is a betrayal of the God who loved us enough to send his Son to save us. Every trespass calls for Christ’s death again and we scream at the heavens that God’s love is apparently not sufficient for us.

How dare they? How dare we?

Yet, the message Peter spoke is not the message of condemnation, but of forgiveness. These Jews had killed, “the author of life” and our sins are no better. Yet, out of that transgression, God brought about his plan of salvation–salvation for sinners like them and for sinners like you and me. He offers us that salvation for the sake of his son who triumphed over sin, death and hell to reign for all eternity. There is no sin too great, no transgression too severe and no trespass too much for the Lord’s forgiveness.

As Peter said, “Repent then, and turn to God.” With all of your sins wiped clean, there is no need to go on sinning any longer. Christ rules in our hearts as we anxiously await eternity in heaven.

Prayer: Dearest Jesus, I apologize for all the evil I repeatedly have done and all the good I constantly fail to do. Forgive me, Jesus, and comfort me with your forgiveness for even the most despicable of my sins. With that comfort, give me the strength to live a new life of service to you as I patiently and eagerly await your return. Alleluia, come quickly! Amen.


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