What is Holy Week and Why Does It Matter?

It’s just another week, right? I mean, OK, so we remember some really important things this week. But what’s the big deal?

There’s not that much different about this week. Often kids have off school. That’s nice. Many don’t work on Friday (today). That’s also nice. On Easter Sunday families that are often apart get to be together. Favorite egg dishes are served. Kids get extra candy and have a blast with egg hunts. But what’s the big deal?

Dear friends, Holy Week is a big deal. In fact it is the biggest deal. Ever. There is nothing more important than Holy Week.

During this week we see Jesus’ true human nature. He mourned for unrepentant Israel. He preached with fiery, righteous anger. He was overwhelmed to the point of sweating drops of blood. He cried out in agony and pain. He was thirsty. He died. He was buried.

During this week we see Jesus’ true divine nature too. Even knowing what was to come, he focused the beginning of Holy Week on other people–preaching, teaching, correcting, rebuking. He instituted a new Meal that was for his disciples present and future, a Meal that would forevermore remind them of what he was about to do. He prayed for his disciples. He willingly went under arrest. He silently endured torture. He battled sin and Satan. He overcame hell. He rose from the dead.

And if Jesus had done none of this, the consequences would have endured forever:  We would have to suffer hell for sin. We would have to die eternally. We would not rise to new life.

This week deserves your personal honesty. Think carefully. What have you done that is not in line with the will of God? How pure is your language? How pure are your thoughts? How loving are your actions? Is the Lord always first in your heart? Do you ever doubt or worry?

Be honest. How often have you disobeyed the Lord?

All I can say is: Move over, apostle Paul! There’s a new “chief of sinners” in town!

This is why Holy Week matters.

During this week we march behind Jesus riding on a donkey, begging with loud cries: Hosanna! (Save Us!) We follow him to an Upper Room where he stoops down to wash his disciples’ feet and then offers a new Supper for his people to be spiritually refreshed with until he comes back again. Then we hear his prayers and groans in the Garden. Then we see him in trial and torture. Then we see him carry his own cross so that he can carry our own sins. Then we hear him cry out that his work and our salvation are “finished.” Then we watch as he bows his head and dies. Then we sprint behind John and Peter to see an empty tomb!

All this was for you. All this was for me. All this was for our forgiveness. All this was that we might live with him in eternity.

There is no holier week than this. Everything that matters in our life, matters because Holy Week matters. All that is important to us–our relationship and status with God–is dependent on Jesus’ suffering and death in our place and victorious resurrection from the dead.

This is not just another week. This is the week that you were redeemed. This is the week that you were saved. This is the week that you were guaranteed life.

Follow Jesus. Worship Jesus. Praise Jesus. Thank Jesus.

During Holy Week. Every week.


About Pastor Phil Huebner

Pastor. Missionary. Principal. Husband. Father. Serving in love as each. http://www.ctkpalmcoast.com

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