Daily Devotion on Tuesday of Holy Week

Text: Matthew 21:23-25:46

Tuesday of Holy Week is often called “Busy Tuesday.” There is not much recorded about Monday and Wednesday but Matthew devotes over four chapters to the sermons of Jesus given on Tuesday. The selfless sacrifice of Jesus is an amazing thing. Most humans who are told that they will soon die make every effort to cross some things off their bucket-lists. Jesus was thinking about everyone but himself. In these four chapters of Matthew we see Jesus desperately trying to make people see the light.

Jesus taught several parables that Tuesday morning and all of them focused on repentance. The parables are aimed at those who have not yet turned to Jesus in faith. They are parables of warning: either you are a friend of Jesus or you are his enemy and you don’t want to be the enemy of God.

Next on Jesus plate was a debate. He was challenged by the Pharisees and Sadducees (the spiritual leaders of the Jews) on four different points. These men were trying to trap Jesus, to get him to say something that would reveal him as the hoax they were convinced he was. Read the accounts for yourself… Jesus as true God was a little smarter than mere men.

The “Seven Woes” as they are entitled in the NIV from Matthew 23 are somber words for the Pharisees. It is scary to read through this chapter and see how often we Christians fall into the same sins as the Pharisees. What is the key difference? We repent and look to Jesus to take our sins away, the Pharisees did not.

Jesus’ evening was spent on a two chapter long discourse on the end of this earth. We don’t know when Jesus is going to come again and so we need to be prepared at all times. We do know that when he comes we will be taken away to eternal life, and all because of the work Jesus was accomplishing on Holy Week.

What selfless, wondrous love is this, that Jesus would spend his last hours offering his loving forgiveness to those were in the process of orchestrating his murder!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, as Jesus lived in this world in utter humility may we also live humbly. Because of Jesus we have the forgiveness we desperately need to face Judgment Day with confidence. Give us the strength to live our lives as if our next breath could be our last because no one knows when Jesus will come again. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

About vicarhoff

I am thrilled and honored to be serving as vicar/intern at Christ the King Lutheran Church and School for a whole year!

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  1. Writing from TN, thanks for reminding me of the most important thing about Easter week. I have been trying to do too much this week, not because of preparations, but because life just happens–frig goes out, company, extra care, being 79–all that junk that happens. You reset my compass today. Thanks. Marge Buelow

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