Daily Devotion on Mark 11:11-19

Text:  Mark 11:11-19

Today is Monday of Holy Week, the week our Savior suffered, died, and rose again. Several of the gospel accounts tell us what happened on this “Holy Monday.” Since each gospel writer uses his own vocabulary and words, it is a little bit confusing when it comes to the timing. Mark may make it most clear.

On Palm Sunday Jesus left the city of Jerusalem and stayed at Bethany that night. The next day he came back to Jerusalem and overturned the tables in the temple.

Could you imagine what that was like? Temple life had been status quo for years and years. The buying and selling of goods in the temple was something everyone was used to. If you needed an offering yet to sacrifice, how convenient! They sold one right there for you! Of course, with considerable mark up.

Mark tells us that there were moneychangers and dove-sellers present. We can only guess what other kinds of things were sold there. Hebrew Hallmark get-well cards? Tiny replicas of Solomon’s temple? Other worship materials?

Jesus burned with righteous anger. He overturned the tables and quoted from Scripture. How could they change a house of prayer into a den of thieves? How could they turn the place for worshiping his Father with great reverence into the place for making money with great profits?

The accounts of this event make us think carefully about our choices at church. We ought be careful what we do in the house of God. Though we should not assume that God is hereby forbidding bake sales and rummage sales and the like at our churches, certainly we would be careful how any such thing would be carried out. And best practice would lead us not to carry out such things in the actual sanctuary (worship space).

More direct modern parallels would be to people who perhaps sold bulletins in the narthex, or gave change for a $20 bill for the offerings and charged a small fee, or charged a pew tax for where you sat during church.

While this account gives us caution in our actions, better application to our hearts comes from the actions and words of Jesus. Jesus was zealous for obedience to his Father. Jesus was zealous for expelling sin from our lives. Jesus was zealous for his Father being the most important thing in our lives.

It was this zeal for obedience to his Father that led him later that week to the cross on Calvary where he would pay for our lack of zeal and countless sins. Praise Jesus for the zeal that led to his perfect life and loving death in our place!

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, I pray that you lead me to rid my life of all sinful habits and choices. In the peace of your forgiveness, grant me  zeal for your Father’s house and for serving you. I pray in your name, Amen.

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