Daily Devotion on Romans 8:1-10

Text: Romans 8:1-10

It’s a classic cartoon: The hero is faced with a choice, one is clearly good and the other is unmistakably bad. On his left shoulder stands a little red man with two horns and a pointy tail. On his right shoulder stands a little angel, halo and all. Both are making compelling arguments as to why the hero should choose their preferred course of action. Which will he choose?

The situation that Paul describes in Romans chapter 8 is not unlike that cartoon. On one shoulder stands the sinful nature. This little devil whispers in all of our ears. This little devil is by its very nature hostile to God. The sinful nature whispers in your ear this basic argument: It feels so good to do whatever you want, if you don’t take care of yourself no one will. It doesn’t matter that your conscience and God tell you not to do it, trust me it will be fun.

On the other shoulder stands the Spirit. The Spirit’s whispers are the exact opposite of the sinful nature. What the Spirit desires is perfectly in line with God the Father’s will. The Spirit, this little angel, whispers in your ear this basic argument: All those sins you committed in the past are forgiven. That death that filled you with fear before now cannot touch you. Jesus did it all. Doesn’t that make you happy? Why don’t you live this way instead of the Devil’s way, out of thankfulness to God?

There is no condemnation for you, you have been set free. The Spirit offers correct guidance, the Spirit empowers us to say “NO!’ to the temptations that our sinful nature whispers in our ears. Your spirit is alive because of the righteousness Jesus won for you.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we believe that you have given us freedom from death and sin. Help us to overcome the unbelieving sinful nature that still struggles inside us. Let us face each days temptations knowing that with your help we can win the battle against our sinful natures. When we fail to live as your children, give us the humility and wisdom to crawl back to you for the forgiveness we so desperately need. In Jesus’ name we pray: Amen.


About vicarhoff

I am thrilled and honored to be serving as vicar/intern at Christ the King Lutheran Church and School for a whole year!

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