Daily Devotion on Mark 1:12-15

Text:  Mark 1:12-15

No problem, right? He’s God!

Doesn’t it seem a little silly to even talk about Jesus being tempted by Satan? When I was younger it was a little laughable to me. It’s like an NBA team playing a grade school team in basketball. Satan doesn’t even belong in the same gym as Jesus!

But not so fast! While we Christians take great pride in Christ’s power as true God, we must also remember that Jesus is true man. He is human in every way that we are. He ate. He slept. He cried. He got tired. That means that Jesus, as true man, was also susceptible to temptations.

These were real temptations by Satan. Real, dangerous temptations! Satan knew just how to attack. We don’t have the details here in Mark, but we do elsewhere. Satan tempted a hungry Jesus with food. Satan tempted Jesus with a misuse of trust in his heavenly Father. Satan tempted Jesus with a way out of all the suffering he would soon endure.

Oh, how we would have crumbled under the pressures of these temptations! Oh, how we stumble every day!

But Jesus, who faced real and difficult temptations as true man, is still also true God. He perfectly resisted these temptations and showed his power over Satan.

What a comfort to know that we have a brother in Jesus who was tempted in every way we are! What a comfort to know that we have a brother in Jesus who continually showed his power over Satan until his complete victory at the cross!

This, your brother, is with you in temptation. He will provide a way out. He will provide the power to overcome. Go to him in prayer for help!

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, as you defeated Satan and resisted temptation, give me the power to overcome temptation and to keep from sin. Allow me to walk in your paths each and every day. Guide me on this narrow road, safe from harm and hell, until I join you in everlasting perfection. In your name I pray.  Amen.


About Pastor Phil Huebner

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