God is Still At Work in His Creation

Transfiguration Sunday

God is Still at Work in His Creation

Text: 2 Corinthians 4:3-6

How are you at keeping a secret? If I told you not to tell anyone a scandalous piece of information, could I trust you to keep my secret?

One of the funny things about secrets is: the juicier the secret the harder it is to keep. If I told you not to tell anyone that I had a ham sandwich for lunch yesterday you would probably have no problem keeping my secret because let’s face it, no one cares what I had for lunch. But what if I told you that so-and-so was pregnant? What if I told you I had witnessed a murder? What if I made known to you a life altering fact, a truly juicy piece of information, one that you know many people would be interested in knowing, and then told you not to tell anyone? Those secrets would be harder to keep. All of us know the feeling of bursting at the seams, just wishing you could tell someone, anyone.

What if I took you up on a hill and showed you Jesus Christ in all of his glory and then told you not to tell anyone? What if I gave proof to all five of your senses that Jesus is true God and then told you not to tell? Talk about a hard secret to keep! This is exactly what Jesus did to Peter, James and John.

Imagine how many times those three wanted so badly to let this amazing, life-changing secret slip from their lips. I imagine it would have been very hard to keep their mouths shut when some of the other disciples were openly expressing doubts about Jesus around the fire at night. It would have been all but impossible to not shout out, “I saw it with my own eyes,” when having a conversation with a skeptical Jewish friend. But Jesus had very clearly asked them to keep it a secret until he rose from the dead, and as far as we know, they did.

How good it must have felt, after the resurrection, to unload the events of that day on the Mount of Transfiguration to anyone who would listen. You can just about hear them, “I wish you could have been there… it was so amazing; at first we were terrified, then we were just in shock… remember what Peter said, he had no idea what he was talking about, but who could blame him, there in front of us stood Jesus, Moses and Elijah… it seemed like time stood still, nothing else in the world mattered, I could have sat there at Jesus’ feet for the rest of my life and never gotten tired of it.”

The story of Jesus really is the greatest story ever told. What I wouldn’t give to sit at the feet of Peter, James, or John night after night and have them tell and retell the story of Jesus… to see twinkle in the eye and that grin that was always in place when they talked about the Lord… to hear the longing in their voices, like a grandpa reminiscing about good days gone by… to hear the juicy details of what it was like to see Jesus transfigured… to hear the voice of the Father… to see a dead man brought to life… to put their fingers in the wounds of Jesus’ hands and side… to feel the chills run down my spine as they look me in the eye and explain to me what all of this means: my sins are forgiven… What I wouldn’t give to see, so clearly, God at work in his creation…

Don’t you sometimes wish he was still here in a visible way? Jesus that is… Don’t you sometimes wish God was still visibly working in his creation like he did back when God visibly lived on this earth?

God is still at work in his creation, look around, the proof is right in front of your eyes. God is still at work in this world creating faith in your hearts and providing a message for your mouths.

Want proof that God is still at work in his creation? Look at what you used to be, look at what you are by nature and then look at what you are now and where you are today.

We were once and still are by our nature numbered on that long list of those who are perishing as Paul puts it. At one time death was all we knew. At one time the god of this age had blinded our minds so that we could not see the light of Jesus Christ. By nature we are to this day for everything that God is against. God hates adultery and yet each of us has that sinful nature that loves it when the tempting images of this world are dangled before our eyes. God hates worship of anything other than himself yet there is something in each of us that loves to place our trust in cash, cars and commercialism. Left to our own devices we are blind as bats living life on the broad road of those who are perishing…

Now look at what you are now and where you are today. We still are tempted by and fall into sin, we will until the day we die, but now there is now a new force at work within you. Look and see the creative power of God still at work in his creation. Paul says it this way, “For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.”

In the beginning, at the command of God light was instantly brought to a dark world. When you became a believer, by the command of God light was instantly brought to your dark heart. Both are miracles worked by the all powerful, creative hand of God. Just as the light shining outside those windows is proof that God once worked in his creation, so also the faith in your heart which sees the light of Jesus is proof that God is still at work in his creation.

God has unveiled the good news about Jesus before your very eyes. Today we sit in this church as individual members of the body of Christ. Daily we fall on our knees in prayer and worship to the God who loved us enough to forgive us. Daily we live for Christ, we are walking, talking, breathing, living proof that God is still at work in his creation. We were once dead, now we are alive in Christ. We were once in the dark, blinded by Satan, but now we live life knowing who the light of the world is and what he has done for us.

The faith inside each of us is God’s new creation, and do you know what that means? It means we are forgiven… it also means we intimately know an important message that needs to be shared. When Peter, James and John saw their transfigured Lord, Jesus asked them to keep quiet about it for a time. Jesus has made no such request of us; in fact he has told us the exact opposite. The light of Jesus that God has revealed to our hearts is not something we can or should keep secret. The very same God who is at work creating, sustaining and strengthening faith in your hearts desperately wants to use you, of all people, to bring that faith to others. God is still at work in his creation by giving a message that our mouths can’t help but share.

Watch yourselves carefully though, the very same devil who holds the veil over the eyes of this unbelieving world would love it if he could throw a pair of blinders on each of us so that we fail to preach Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as servants for Jesus’ sake.

Our eyes have been opened to the light of the gospel but those sinful desires that ran free in each of us before Jesus still yearn to run free again. The Devil loves to and is good at tricking us into spiritual apathy. Without ever renouncing our faith in Jesus we can and often do send mixed messages through our words, or lack of words.

We are, unfortunately, very good at preaching and living a me-centered message instead of the Christ centered message that Paul proudly preached. God has placed this incredible message in our mouths. We know firsthand the tremendous peace that comes when the light of Jesus shines on our hearts. Why then do we so often insist on keeping this message a secret?

Jesus has not asked us to wait to share the story of our sin and his forgiveness with the world like he did with Peter, James and John? Why are we so reluctant share the message of Jesus with the world around us? If it is in fear that we will be mocked for our faith, if it is in fear that our message will be rejected, if it is for a lack of appreciation for the message, then shame on us!

God has provided a message that has the power in and of itself to break down the barriers of comfortable sinners and heal the wounds of repentant transgressors, what excuse do we have for not sharing the light of Jesus?

Fortunately God is still at work in his creation giving us the ever-clarifying knowledge of the love of Jesus.

The glorious light of Jesus that ought to shine from your mouth as you share his story also shines on your heart and mine every day. The blood that Jesus shed for the unbelievers of the world was also shed for your sins and mine. All those times I preached a message other than Jesus Christ are washed away because of Jesus.

It really is the greatest story ever told. A message that is sweeter than honey to our tongues. Jesus is the light of the world. The God of all creation was seen, touched, and heard by this sinful world. In his wake he left health, love, and forgiveness. The God of all creation is still at work in his creation. He creates faith in our hearts. He reveals the light of the glory of Christ clearly before our eyes. He offers us health, love and most importantly, forgiveness.

This light is not something that we keep to ourselves. God has made this light a very personal thing to us. His unimaginable love for us emboldens us to share the message of Jesus Christ as Lord to the world around us.

I may not have seen Jesus transfigured with my own eyes. I may not have had the opportunity to hear and see the words and deeds of Jesus like the disciples did. But I know that God has not stopped working in his creation. God is as near to me and as real to me and to you as he was 2000 years ago. God is still at work, our faith and message is evidence of his power. Go and preach the message of the light of the world. It is a God-given message that has the power to work heavenly wonders.



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