Daily Devotion on 2 Kings 2:1-12

Text:  2 Kings 2:1-12a

No amount of Hollywood CGI graphics could ever be enough to help us grasp this spectacular and breathtaking event! Can you possibly imagine what it was like for the prophet Elisha to watch his mentor, the prophet Elijah, carried off to heaven in a whirlwind of fire with the “chariots and horsemen of Israel”?

There was certainly no doubt in Elisha’s mind how great and grand the glory of the Lord is. That sight etched into his mind would go with him every day of his life and ministry. It could be a source of strength and courage and comfort.

In a similar way, the glorious radiance of Jesus that Peter, James, and John saw on the Mount of Transfiguration would be something they would never forget. That sight, too, would be a source of strength and courage and comfort to those three disciples. That same glorious Jesus was with them every day!

Millennia later, you and I might wish for such sights. If only we could see the glory of the Lord! If only such a magnificent sight could bolster our courage and confidence!

Yet daily you and I see the glory of the Lord. We see it with our eyes of faith as we read the eyewitness accounts of these events and more. We see this glory of the Lord hidden with the water and the Word, transforming and washing lives in the miracle of baptism. We see this glory of the Lord hidden with bread and wine and the Word as Jesus comes with his true body and blood to forgive and to strengthen. We see and hear this glory every Sunday as we gather in the house of the Lord and hear forgiveness announced for all our sins.

Now that is glory!

These true stories from Scripture–like that of Elijah and Elisha or Peter, James, and John–and these hidden powers in the Word and Sacraments are just the right amount of strength and courage and comfort for us. Just the right amount for God to bring us to his full glory in heaven!

All glory be to God on high!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to see your glory in the hidden power of holy Scripture, Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper. Help me to see your power at work in my life each and every day. Keep me strong in the faith until I see your full glory in the joys of heaven for all eternity. Amen.


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