Daily Devotion on 1 Corinthians 9:16-23

Text:  1 Corinthians 9:16-23

What if you knew that one of your friends were about to make a tragic mistake and they had no idea? From the outside you have the perspective needed to see what is at stake. What would you do? To what lengths would you go to in order to make this dearly loved friend see the error of their ways?

What if your brother started to dabble with drugs? What if your son started hanging out with gang affiliated individuals? What if your friend told you she had started an affair?

What if your loved one were on the road to hell?

For many of us it is easy to gather a real sense of urgency when someone we love is going down a clearly dangerous road in this world. For many of us it is not quite as easy to gather that same sense of urgency when someone we love is going down the clearly dangerous road to hell.

If you have a hard time motivating yourself to share Jesus, borrow some enthusiasm from Paul. It is of utmost importance that people find out about forgiveness. Without Jesus’ forgiveness a very real, very hot, completely eternal afterlife is waiting.

Paul would bend over backwards to get people to listen to the story he had to share, the story of God’s love for his fallen creation. For Paul, sharing the gospel was of utmost importance. It should be for us too. This is why we are on this earth. This is why God does not just take us straight to heaven when we come to faith. God wants to use us, of all people, to show his love to the world.

It all starts and ends with Jesus. Like Paul we were once lost. Like Paul we were joined to God’s heavenly family by the love of Jesus. Like Paul we are compelled by Jesus to bend over backwards to share Jesus until he comes or calls us home.

Prayer: Heavenly Father by grace we have been saved. Let your undeserved love fill our lives so that they overflow with love to the world around us. Let your concern for the lost be evident in our every thought word and deed so that by all possible means we many share Jesus and help fill your heavenly mansion.


About vicarhoff

I am thrilled and honored to be serving as vicar/intern at Christ the King Lutheran Church and School for a whole year!

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