Daily Devotion on Romans 8:28-30

Text:  Romans 8:28-30

“You’ll thank me when you’re older.”

Ever have someone say that to you? Ever say that yourself to your kids? Parents often say that to their children because they know better. The child may not understand it, but the parent knows what is for the good of the child–even if they don’t like it at the time.

Here’s a better question: Ever say something like this? “Thank you, God, for this cancer.” “Thank you, Lord, for these financial struggles.” “Thank you for giving me struggles right now.”

Probably not. But we Christians could! God promises that all things work out for our good and for his purposes. All things. There are no exceptions. And as God, our heavenly Father, certainly always knows what is the best for us. We may not get it or understand it or even enjoy it at the time, but God promises that all things work out for our good.

Just look at God’s love for us! He has orchestrated all of history in a unique way so that he could reach you and bring you into his loving arms. He knew and chose you before the creation of the world, he called you to faith and declared you innocent (justified) through the work of his Son, and gives you glory with Christ now and forever.

What great love! What great mercy! What great grace!

God worked all things so that I could be his own dear child. Most certainly then, God has the power and the love to work everything else for my good too. All glory be to him!

Prayer:  Lord, give me the faith to trust that you know what is best for me life. When I experience trials and struggles help me to see through them and to see you clearly. You are my rock and my fortress, my shield and my strength. Continue to bless and preserve me each day as you keep me in your loving care. Amen.


About Pastor Phil Huebner

Pastor. Missionary. Principal. Husband. Father. Serving in love as each. http://www.ctkpalmcoast.com

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