Daily Devotion on Job 7:1-7

Text:  Job 7:1-7

Maybe you’ve gone through some rough spots in your life. Likely, the older you are the more you can reflect back on those tougher times that you’ve been through. And the older you are, the more you recognize when life is truly “tough” (As opposed to the teenage girl thinking her life is over because Johnny didn’t ask her to prom.)

Most of us would be hard pressed to argue that we’ve ever had a rougher go than Job. Job lost pretty much everything. His 10 children died. His house was destroyed. His possessions were taken. Even his health was gone. Today’s devotion is a little vignette from Job’s struggles.

The book of Job itself is fascinating. He goes back and forth, up and down from despair to trust, from doubt to faith. Today we hear Job veering toward the ditch of doubt and despair.

When things are tough in our lives, it may be easy for us to veer toward the ditch of doubt and despair as well. We may feel like things could never get better. We may feel like God has forgotten about us, doesn’t care about us, or is angry with us.

This Sunday is very important to us struggling humans then! This week we will hear in worship how our powerful God works in our lives–even through troubles–so that all things are for our good. Even the lowest moments of our lives we can trust as being allowed by God and worked by God for our good.

What a joy and comfort to have a God who is wise enough and powerful enough to work all things for our good!

Prayer:  Lord God heavenly Father, many times in my life I struggle and suffer like Job. Help me to trust that you are always with me, always providing what I need, and always working all things for my good. Lead me each step through this life of troubles until I reach my heavenly home. Amen.


About Pastor Phil Huebner

Pastor. Missionary. Principal. Husband. Father. Serving in love as each. http://www.ctkpalmcoast.com

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  1. Good devotion Pastor Phil!

  2. Phil, Thanks for the devotions. I often look at these when taking a break at work! They seem to energise me for a while.

    • Jeff, glad to hear it! Look for many more posts to come in the future on many more topics! We’re looking to “up the ante” a bit and provide more content that can beneficial and edifying to others! Blessings . . .

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