Daily Devotion on Acts 16:25-34

Devotion Text: Acts 16:25-34

Urgent! Do not delay!

The piece of mail looks like a confidential memo from a government agency. This is important! Then, your eyes scan down to the fine print. This isn’t an important piece of information, this is an offer to try and sell you something. Something you don’t want and certainly something you don’t need.

So, that piece of mail goes in the trash and is never thought of again.

As a culture, we’ve lost a sense of real urgency. “Breaking News” is no longer breaking and often isn’t news. Rather than talking to old friends and catching up on life’s most important events, we know what they had for breakfast thanks to Facebook. Emergency Rooms are used as often for sniffles as they are for life-threatening trauma.

In our text, the Roman jailer had a sense of real urgency. Following a divinely authored earthquake, the jail cells were open! His prisoners will break out! This was urgent! According to Roman law, he was responsible for those prisoners. If  one of them escaped, his life would be forfeit. His response to that urgency was also typically Roman. Why wait for a trial to condemn him, falling on his own sword would be the honorable thing.

Then, Paul called out, “Don’t harm yourself, we are all here!”

Later, this same jailer had another moment of urgency. As Paul and Silas spoke the Word of the Lord to him, the jailer could see the urgent problem, he was a sinner. Again, Paul was able to provide a lifesaving response to this urgent situation. The jailer and his whole family were baptized.

In this world where nothing is urgent, God delivers this message: nothing is more important, more urgent, than your salvation. Our Christian response to that message is one of joy because our salvation has been completed in Jesus and one of willing service as we seek to bring that urgent message to others.

Prayer: Lord, let your Word have speedy course, through every land be glorified. Till every unbeliever know its force and fill your churches far and wide. Oh, spread the conquest of your Word and let your kingdom come dear Lord! Amen.


About Michael Schottey

Michael Schottey is a Christian, husband, father of two boys, sportswriter, and aspiring author. He graduated from Martin Luther College with a degree in Biblical Languages in 2009. A lifelong midwesterner, he moved to Florida with his family in 2010 and is a member of Christ the King Lutheran Church (WELS).

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