Daily Devotion on Isaiah 60:1-6

Text:  Isaiah 60:1-6

Darkness is scary. There is no two ways about it. You could be in your garage that you have been in thousands of times before in your life. But if someone shuts off the lights, suddenly you stumble and fumble around. Your bedroom could be a safe haven, but even with every door locked in the house your mind will start to play tricks on you when lying in bed in the dark. The dark can be terrifying. My mother always said, “Nothing good happens at night.”

How much more doesn’t that apply to this sinful world of darkness! It’s scary to look at how dark the world around us is becoming.

And yet, most terrifying is the darkness of my own heart. The depths of of depravity of which I am capable of–or have already achieved–is beyond frightening. In fact, it’s damning.

But dear Christian friends, arise! Shine! For your light has come! The glory of the Lord rises upon you!

The word Epiphany comes from a Greek word that means to appear or make known. On the day of Epiphany and on the Sundays after we look to Jesus who made himself known as the light of the world that shines on are sinful darkness.

See the Light. Believe in the Light. Then live in His light forever.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, I thank you that you have revealed yourself to me as the Light of the world. Continue to shine on me with the light of your love and forgiveness. Make me to reflect your light to others. Amen.


About Pastor Phil Huebner

Pastor. Missionary. Principal. Husband. Father. Serving in love as each. http://www.ctkpalmcoast.com

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