Daily Devotion on Psalm 90

Text:  Psalm 90

Immutable. Unchanging. Everlasting. Eternal.

These are all words that describe God. These are all words that are nigh impossible for humans to understand.

The first two mean essentially the same thing. God never changes. He is always the same (“yesterday, today, and forever”). While we humans like Big Macs one day and Whoppers the next or Coke one day and Pepsi the next, God never changes in who he is and what he does. What else would you expect from the one whose name is I AM?

God is also everlasting. He will never have an end. More than that, he is eternal–he has both no beginning and no end. Again, beyond our comprehension. We all were born. We all live 70 or 80 years as Moses generalizes in this psalm. We all will die. But God always was and always will be. What else would you expect from the one whose name is I AM?

We talk a lot about change as we move into new years. We talk about resolutions and making big changes and doing things differently and better than ever before. But as we now move into the new year of 2012, remember the most important thing about our lives–God doesn’t change. He always has been there for us. He always will be.

The almighty, powerful, and holy God does not change. Thankfully, he does not change as a merciful, loving, and compassionate God either. So moving into 2012 tomorrow, put Moses’ words of prayer in your own hearts and mouths: “May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us.”

Prayer:  Lord God, heavenly Father, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. For all eternity you are the same in holiness and perfection. As we change from day to day and year to year, remain with us to forgive our many wrongs and to guide us with your mighty hand to your home of eternal rest. We pray in the name of your Son Jesus who is the same “yesterday, today, and forever.” Amen.


About Pastor Phil Huebner

Pastor. Missionary. Principal. Husband. Father. Serving in love as each. http://www.ctkpalmcoast.com

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