60 Day Bible Challenge: Day 61

Well . . . I did it! I finished! I read the whole Bible in 60 days and completed the challenge!

I will have to say that I am proud of this accomplishment. When I first thought of finishing off the year with this challenge–and challenging others to do the same–I knew it could be done, but wasn’t so sure if I really would do it.

But I did!

It was an amazing experience. Reading Scripture at a faster pace really gives you a good feel for the flow of thought in some of the bigger books. Especially in the Old Testament, it helps a lot to be able to read in rapid succession all the history that took place.

At the same time, I learned a lot about myself. The last 60 days has been a great training period for a more focused and dedicated life of Bible reading and study. It has helped to create some better habits.

Along the way (and now that I’m done) there have been a lot of similar reactions. Many didn’t try the challenge because they didn’t think it would be possible to achieve. Many have been impressed that this could be done. Like I said, I wasn’t even exactly sure it could be done by someone who lives a normal, busy life.

But when you break it down and it comes out to about one hour per day, that’s really not that bad. Especially if you consider that you could read 15 minutes in the morning when you wake up, 15 minutes at lunch time, and 30 minutes before bed–it makes me wonder why I’ve never tried this before. Or at the very least, why haven’t I read the Bible in 90 days or 150 days before? In other words, the big lesson learned is that if you want to make time to read the Bible, you will make time to read the Bible. It’s a matter of priorities and just doing it.

Did you read the Bible in 60 days? Did you try? I would love to hear about! Feel free to reply below.

Whether you did or didn’t do the challenge, or hadn’t heard about the challenge . . . a new one starts tomorrow! I’m challenging myself once more–and challenging you once more.

This time it’s a 90 Day Bible Challenge. Starting January 1, 2012 see if you can read the whole Bible in just 90 days. It should be only about 45 minutes a day on average. See if you can do what you might have thought was impossible. See if you can read Scripture more than ever before. See if you can grow in faith and knowledge like never before! On your marks, get set, read!

Here are the final stats for my last 60 days. There are some very interesting stats to see:

Days 58-60 Readings (in order):  Jeremiah 1-39, Jeremiah 40-52 & Lamentations & Ezekiel, Daniel-Malachi

Days 58-60 Times (in order):  137 minutes, 229 minutes, 189 minutes

Total Time for the whole Bible:  3,613 minutes  (60 hours and 13 minutes OR 2 days, 12 hours, and 13 minutes)

Total Time for the New Testament: 834 minutes (13.9 hours)

Total Time for the Old Testament:  2,779 minutes (46.3 hours)

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