Daily Devotion on Titus 2:11-14

Text: Titus 2:11-14

The presents are all opened. The children relax in a post-euphoric stupor about to fall asleep. Another Christmas has come and gone, another year is almost over. What happens next?

The focus of so much time, effort and money during the Christmas season is on gifts. In a few months or even a few weeks many of those toys will be broken, worn out or at the very least forgotten. The children who were so happy and content after opening all their gifts will once again want more, newer, cooler toys to play with, and so the cycle goes…

Is this all that Christmas is, an endless cycle of buying gifts and fulfilling wish lists only to have the gifts break and the lists grow longer? Putting it in those words makes Christmas sound less than appealing. Realizing that this is the way people treat the gift of Christ Jesus makes our celebration of Christmas a downright tragedy.

Christmas, the celebration of Jesus’ birth is the one time a year when many go to church. We get full of the spirit, pull out our trees, candles and nativity scenes. Then the New Year comes and what happens? The excitement for attending church dims, the nativities are packed away for another year and the exciting birth of Jesus becomes unfortunately boring for many people.

This Christmas let’s remember what Christ was all about. He came to die for our sins. He came to change our lives. He came to teach us how to live as we eagerly look for his return. Don’t let this message get old! Continue to grow in your knowledge of God’s grace through the study of his word in church and at home!

Prayer: Heavenly Father forgive us when we fail to treasure the message of your word every day of our lives. We praise you for sending your Son to redeem us, to pay the price for our eternity. Without you our lives would turn into endless cycles of meaninglessness. With you we have a reason to live. In Jesus we learn to look for something more in life everlasting. Amen.


About vicarhoff

I am thrilled and honored to be serving as vicar/intern at Christ the King Lutheran Church and School for a whole year!

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