Daily Devotion on 2 Samuel 7:8-16

Text:  2 Samuel 7:8-16

In the Old Testament, there are three different kinds of prophecies about Jesus. Some prophecies are direct prophecies–specific only to Jesus. The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son.” That’s only happened once in all of history with Jesus.

Other prophecies are typical prophecies. This means that the fulfillment reminds us of Jesus, but is not necessarily specifically about him. Read many of David’s psalms and you will find words specific to David’s life that also shadow events of Jesus’ life.

In the devotion today there is the third kind of Messianic prophecy–an intermediate one. In this kind of prophecy, Jesus is definitely a fulfillment of the prophecy, but so is someone else (or several others).

Take a look at all the things the Lord foretold he would bring about for king David:

  • A son would be born to him
  • He would establish this son’s kingdom
  • He would build a house for the Lord

These three things were definitely and specifically fulfilled by David’s son Solomon. At the same time, we can see fulfillment in Jesus who came from the line of David and built a new Church for the Lord–the gathering of believers.

But from this point things turn a little more specifically toward Jesus. The Lord also promises David:

  • His kingdom will last forever
  • The Lord would be his father, and he would be his Son
  • He would be punished with the rod and by floggings

In certain ways we could see Solomon fulfilling these as well. Solomon would have an eternal kingdom as a believer. Any believing man is a “son of God.” Solomon would see consequences for his many poor choices. But at the same time Jesus is the ultimate and obvious final fulfillment of these prophecies.

Today we certainly marvel at the validity of the Bible. It is most certainly God’s Word. How else could it be known 1,000 years in advance that such things would happen with Jesus?

Today we also fall on our knees to thank and praise our God who carried out his plan and promise to send the son of David, his own son, who would suffer at the hands of men and redeem the world from sin! What a faithful God! What a loving God!

Prayer:  Lord God, we marvel at the mystery of your divine will, that you would send your own Son through the line of King David to be our Savior. You have fulfilled every promise for us, and your mercy never fails. Strengthen our faith in your firm promises until we see their final and end result–life with you and your Son in heaven. Amen.


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