Daily Devotion on Malachi 4:1-6

Text:  Malachi 4:1-6

There is no doubt.  “Surely the day is coming,” says the Lord. There is no holding back, no stopping, no delaying the Last Day. Judgment Day will surely happen. Jesus will surely return.

But the description here in Malachi of what will happen on that day is also surely terrifying. Fire will burn like a furnace. People will be reduced to stubble and set on fire. Nothing will be left to them.

Knowing what I have done in my life, that’s frightening. You also know things that you have done in your life. Those sins that have been big, obvious, and overt; or those sins that have been small, obscure, and covert. We’ve all failed our God countless times. That makes the impending fire a scary thing.

Yet we need not fear. God only calls us to believe in him and his gracious mercy. For the sun of righteousness will rise on us who believe. Or perhaps better said, the Son of righteousness has already risen. He was hoisted high on a cross to pay for our sins and then rose back to life to assure us of our forgiveness.

What joy that gives us! It fills our hearts with such peace and joy we almost can’t contain it! It’s almost like we are baby calves with pent up energy itching to be used. Then suddenly the pen is opened and we leap and bound for joy (see v. 2)!

To proclaim this message of salvation and prepare people for the Savior, God promised to send another Elijah, the second Elijah. That promise was fulfilled in John the Baptist. He preached repentance and the forgiveness of sins in preparation for Jesus to come.

Now today we wait for the Savior again. We hear the Baptist’s call and repent, knowing and trusting that we have a righteousness given from God’s own Son. Judgment Day won’t be a terror! It will be a joy!

Live, leap, and love with that joy of the Savior in your heart!


The day is surely drawing near when God’s Son, the Anointed, shall with great majesty appear as judge of all appointed.  All mirth and laughter then shall cease when flames on flames will still increase, as Scripture truly teaches.

My Savior paid the debt I owe and for my sin was smitten; within the Book of Life I know my name has now been written. I will not doubt, for I am free, and Satan cannot threaten me; there is no condemnation!

O Jesus Christ, do not delay, but hasten our salvation; we often tremble on our way in fear and tribulation. Your saints are waiting patiently; come soon, Redeemer; make us free from every evil. Amen.


About Pastor Phil Huebner

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