Daily Devotion on Mark 1:1-8

Devotion Text:  Mark 1:1-8

This was only the beginning. This strange man wearing animal skins and eating grasshoppers and honey took Israel by storm. “What kind of man is this?” “What kind of message is this?” He preached with such conviction and such authority! Everyone had to go and see.

But this was only the beginning. John the Baptist was only preparing the way for one coming who would be much greater and much more powerful. John was only the forerunner, preparing the way for Jesus.

And so this was also only the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s promises, too. Mark quotes Isaiah’s prophecy, showing that John the Baptist fulfilled what God promised would happen. But many more prophecies were soon to be fulfilled: the promised Messiah would appear, he would be rejected and betrayed, he would be suffer, he would be crucified, he would die. Greatest of all–he would redeem God’s people from their sins.

As we see John the Baptist urging repentance in the desert, we listen carefully to his message and prepare carefully for Jesus’ second coming. Yet we also see John the Baptist and remember that God is faithful to all his promises. He sent the great forerunner–John the Baptist. He sent the Savior. He forgives our sins. He saved us!

As we wait for Jesus to come again, we can be sure that God will most certainly keep all his other promises to us as well!

Prayer:  Lord God, you sent John the Baptist to prepare the way for your Son to come. We now ask that his message of repentance ring clearly in our hearts as we prepare carefully for your Son to return once more. Keep us watchful and ready! Amen.


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