Daily Devotion on Matthew 27:27-31

Text:  Matthew 27:27-31

We are used to pomp and circumstance in our world. The rich and the famous flaunt their wealth and power like they’re biceps in a fitness competition. We have come to expect this from the rich and the famous.

Throughout time this has also been expected from royalty and leadership. Dignitaries and delegates, presidents and princes alike have always demanded honor, respect, and servitude. Even though the royal family of England functions more as figureheads than actual kings, queens, and princes, they remind us of what it once was like in days past. After all, who didn’t sense the power, wealth, and honor at just the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton?

How unusual then to see our King of kings in Matthew 27! Jesus wasn’t the kind of king the Israelites expected. He didn’t come to fill their tummies or wallets. He didn’t come to overthrow the Romans. He didn’t come to reestablish Israel and reign like David or Solomon once did.

So today Jesus still isn’t the kind of king we expect. He doesn’t put filet mignon in our fridges or hot rods in our driveways. He doesn’t make all our problems go away. He doesn’t bring world peace.

Rather we see the King of kings and the God of the universe in Matthew 27 with blood dripping down his face and pouring from his hands and feet. We see him writhe in agony as the weight of all sins bears down on him. We see him cry out, abandoned by his Father and engaged in battle with Satan.

How unusual! This is not a normal king!

Yet he is in fact the King of all kings, and the kind of king that we truly need. For he brings us true, spiritual peace. He forgives our sins. He restores our relationship with God. He gives us eternal life.

And there–there in his heavenly kingdom–there we will finally see his true glory, splendor, and power. And there we will worship him in endless joy with endless thanks and praise. There we will worship him as Jesus Christ, our King.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, you humbled yourself to take on human flesh and take my place. You lived the life I should. You died the death I deserve. I praise you now and forever as my great King who has conquered all my foes, and who will gently shepherd and lead me for all eternity. Amen.


About Pastor Phil Huebner

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