60 Day Bible Challenge: Days 10-15

There are some weeks that blow by so fast that they are lost, forgotten, and erased from the memory banks almost immediately. Then there are weeks that go so badly that you wish you could erase them from your memory banks.

Last week seemed to be that kind of a week. Everything that could happen or go wrong seemed to happen or go wrong. There were school issues, church issues, meetings with parents, meetings with church members. Then there was the regular, large amount of things to accomplish in that week. Then there was the massive annual community kids carnival that we hosted on Saturday. And to top it all off, all four members of my family were sick–with my two children having it the worst. So we didn’t sleep much either.

That sure made free time for Bible reading hard to come by. But again, I suppose this is just typical of life every other week of the year. Things come up. Things happen. “Life” gets in the way. And Satan is more than eager to use those against us, making sure that we don’t prioritize what we need to.

How are you doing with the 60 Day Bible challenge?

I’ve heard that a number of people are attempting it. I’ve also heard that a few have quickly dropped out of the “competition” for similar reasons to the ones I mentioned above. There were just too many things going on.

But then again, when God and his holy Word are absolutely #1 in our lives, should it ever be a problem? Even when we have the craziest week ever–much like mine last week–is it really true that we can find no time at all for God? Or is it more true that we are just too weak, tired, or lazy to make time for God?

I’m glad I challenged myself, and then challenged others, to read the Bible in 60 days. It has forced me to think long and hard about priorities. I’ve come to realize that even in the worst and busiest of times, there is always at least some time for God. Usually more than we think, too.

Thankfully over the last five days I did manage to take some time to keep up with my reading. (Proving to myself that it can be done.) I did accomplish one of my goals, which was to finish the New Testament early in these 60 days. Today I did just that, on day 15. That means I have read 27 Bible books in 15 days so far. That also means that I have 45 days (or 46 including New Year’s Eve) to read the 39 books in the Old Testament. Yes, some of them are rather long. But there are also many shorter ones. Most of the minor prophets at the end of the Old Testament could be read on 1 day even. I think I can do this!

So I am encouraged so far. I’m also very thankful that I have had the chance to read so much of Scripture and immerse myself in God’s Word. I encourage you to keep up the reading! Even if you haven’t jumped in on the 60 day challenge, continue to find time to spend with God and his Word.

Below is a report from the last five days and for my reading to date. You’ll note at the bottom that I finished the New Testament in 834 minutes, or 13.9 hours (13 hours, 54 minutes).

So is reading the Bible in 60 days absolutely impossible? No way! You could read the entire New Testament in one day, or split between a Saturday and a Sunday! Again, it comes back to priorities. So we pray, “Lord, keep us steadfast in your Word!”

Day 10 Reading: Nothing

Day 10 Time:  0

Total Time to Date:  662 minutes

Day 11 Reading:  1-2 Thessalonians, 1-2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon

Day 11 Time:  44 minutes

Total Time to Date:  706 minutes

Day 12 Reading:  Nothing

Day 12 Time:  0

Total Time to Date:  706 minutes

Day 13 Reading:  Hebrews, James

Day 13 Time:  42 minutes

Total Time to Date:  748 minutes

Day 14 Reading:  1 Peter

Day 14 Time:  12 minutes

Total Time to Date:  760 minutes

Day 15 Reading:  2 Peter, 1-3 John, Jude, Revelation

Day 15 Time:  74 minutes

Total Time to Date:  834 minutes  (that means I read the entire New Testament in 13.9 hours)


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