Daily Devotion on Ezekiel 37:15-28

Devotion Text: Ezekiel 37:15-28

I just want to go home!

The little preschooler cries on her first day of school. Mom has always read her stories and played games with her, lovingly made her lunch and laid her down for her nap. Today is different. Today was fun–meeting lots of new friends, playing with great new toys and that teacher sure is nice–but now she’s tired and this is all so strange. She doesn’t want to be here, doesn’t want to eat here, doesn’t want to sleep here. She wants to be home.

God’s people knew that longing all too well. Once enslaved in Egypt, the Israelites fought to regain their homeland. Years later, it would be lost again–overrun by Assyrians and Babylonians. God’s people, once living in a land of milk and honey, would be deported to live as foreigners and slaves. They knew what it was like to long for home.

The prophet Ezekiel, living in Babylon, had a message for God’s people.

We are going home.

His message, like the rest of scripture, is still relevant today. See, Ezekiel wasn’t speaking only of a return to Israel when he spoke these words. His message from God was of an everlasting covenant, a covenant that extends to you and I through faith. God is going to gather his people from exile, fold them close to his breast, and hold them for all eternity.

So, this world is filled with a strange feeling for believers. Like that preschooler, we can see the little blessings that God has granted us here–the fun we have with friends and family, the material blessings. However, all of those blessings pale in comparison to the joys of heaven our home and God our loving Father.

Prayer: Lord, I want to go home. Help me see the blessings and temptations of this world as only temporary, which pale in comparison to the joys you have promised me. Free me from the shackles of worldly materialism and let me use my time and possessions here only in ways that will please you. Come quickly Lord Jesus, Amen.


About Michael Schottey

Michael Schottey is a Christian, husband, father of two boys, sportswriter, and aspiring author. He graduated from Martin Luther College with a degree in Biblical Languages in 2009. A lifelong midwesterner, he moved to Florida with his family in 2010 and is a member of Christ the King Lutheran Church (WELS).

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