60 Day Bible Challenge: Day 6

Sunday was much like Saturday for me, but worse! I read a few chapters of Acts and then decided to take a little nap. After worship and Bible study Sunday morning I get pretty exhausted by Sunday afternoon. But that’s when things got crazy.

My daughter Gwendolyn became extremely sick. She was vomiting and had a very high fever. Not only was my lovely nap interrupted, but the rest of my day’s plans were out the window. (Though there is a certain part of daddies that don’t mind snuggling their daughters all day long no matter what the plans were.)

So for the second day in a row my pace slowed down a little bit with my Bible reading. I suppose that this weekend could be a microcosm of our lives though. We have good intentions, but then “life” happens. It’s amazing though how often Satan would use the situations of life to tempt us to make “valid” excuses for not reading the Bible, going to Bible study, going to worship, praying, etc. Sure things happen like sick children. But the key is to not let things like that become a continual habit. Next thing we know, naps will become a valid excuse. Then catching up on episodes of American Idol, and so on. Priorities!

Anyways, today I plan to read a bunch get back ahead on my pace for this 60 Day Bible Challenge!

Day 6 Reading:  Acts 8-19

Day 6 Time:  50 minutes

Total Time to Date:  440 minutes


About Pastor Phil Huebner

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