60 Day Bible Challenge: Day 3

Three down, 63 to go!  (Bible books that is.)

Three days into the 60 Day Bible Challenge and I’m doing well. But I’m glad, because I know it will only get more challenging as I have certain days that will be very busy coming up!

Today I read the gospel of Luke. I’m finding that reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John is very beneficial for reinforcing some of the great Bible stories that appear in each gospel. On the other hand, it is a little confusing to remember what story is in what chapter of what book. I think the pros of reading straight through the gospels far outweigh the cons though!

I’m also finding that I’m reading at a pace of about 15-17 chapters per hour in Scripture. We’ll see if that maintains. Tomorrow John is up on my schedule. I’m really looking forward to reading that!

Day 3 Reading:  Luke

Day 3 Time:  111 minutes

Total Time to Date:  279 minutes


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